Chandrababu can seduce any system


Chandrababu Naidu practise and got expertise in seducing the systems. He is known for bribing and managing. He will have no scruples in getting a work done. Earning money through back doors misusing the power and operating the politics with the same money is his modus operandi. He was never won an election with popular mandate.

He grabbed the mandate won by NTR in 1995 and there onwards his tool is just manipulations. Shifting the political alliances part of his gambling. If you have no capability to win the mandate, align with somebody who can get mandate. He knows political winds well and shifts very fast. In 1999 he got the win because of Vajapayee and now with the support of Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan.

He is obsessed with Telangana. He thinks that still he is relevant in Telangana and also believes that he will come back. With this mindset he is meddling with Telangana with few rogues in hand, instead of concentrating in Andhra people.

Bias and Distortion….its daily news

Supreme Court upheld the view so far Telangana is expressing regarding Higher Education Council. Supreme Court order is nothing against Telangana, as some Andhra Newspapers interpreted. All these days Telangana Government is saying that let us separate and function. But AP Council tried to impose its orders on Telangana by wrongly interpreting the Act. That led to the legal battle and the High Court order.




What is that Telangana Achieved?


Budget Then

Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy presented a budget of Rs. 1.61 lakh crore for 2013-14 fiscal in the Legislative Assembly. The budget is for 23 districts, Telangana as an unequal partner.

Budget Now

Telangana Finance Minister Etela Rajender presented a budget of 1.01 lakh crore for the first year of new Telangana State, i.e., for 2014-15 fiscal year, in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. Telangana budget is for 10 districts.

Farmers suicides looming large in Andhra and Telangana

Andhra Media half truths

Hyderabad: Debt trap, drought, water and power issues driving the farmers in both Andhra and Telangana to tge death trap. According to social organisations working on farming sector, estimated that about 500 farmers died of suicides so far this year, in both Andhra and Telangana states.

But media is hiding the figures from Andhra and reporting nothing from that state and day in and day out crying foul in Telangana. Andhra media is doing a campaign that as if sucides are new and xaused by Telangana Government. They did not reported a single farmer suicide from Andhra Pradesh.

But the fact is suicides in Ananthapur are equally heartening. Here is the story and the list of suicides of farmers and textile workers in Ananthapur. AndhraPradesh Government is hiding the deaths of farmers. Andhra media is intentionally publishing the suicide reports in local pages.

When a reporter cantacted a Communist leader from Ananthapur, he said that he dont have any information on suicides. After publishing this report in Namasthe Telangana, he was shocked to know tge situation. Such is the media role. Where as same media in Telangana, trying to paint Telangana Government, a failure.



Power Games and Andhra establishment


Andhra establishment thought that Telangana government will fail and collapse, if power stopped. But Telangana Government disproved their expectations.

Andhra Establishment rooted in Telangana is unable to digest the success of Telangana and its Government. They wished and schemed to fail Telangana and to suffocate Telangana farmers.

Why dont Chandrababu pump back water from power generation through reversible turbines? Why he started a blame game? Srisailam Left bank power units have this reversible turbines facility.

Andhra Establishment out of frustration started creating nuisance and non-sense. Nalgonda people understood TDP schemes and failed bandh call.

Andhra political paries lost their locus standi and popular support in Telangana. Hence, now they were depending on their media to continue the fight.

Until unless Telangana get rid of this media influences, peace and tranquility cannot be established

Corporates Political War


L&T arguements and letters to the Telangana Government are nothing, but a political war with. Usually Corporate companies bother about political situation in investment prone states and nations. Nothing wrong in it. They never document their political thought in records. But unusually L&T done it. They thought that the Telangana State will not form. Against their wishes Telangana formed.

The Company feel that the project is not viable in the given situation. As per my knowledge L&T is doing contracts in Afghanistan, east Asia and African nations, where the political establishments most unstable. They may have habit of raising such bogey and enhancing the contract amount. But L&T made a mistake, Telangana is not Afghanistan or any other state.

The same problem can be addressed in corporate decorum. But it seems politics of Andhra and Telangana overwhelmed on him. It might have been influenced by the otherside of the division. It might have been playing into the hands of Andhrapradesh establishement, who were envy at the image Hyderabad had.

And also AndhraPradesh goverment has to take up Capital and many infrastructure projects worth more than one lakh crores. L&T may have an eye on those contracts. L&T had good and workable equation with Chandrababu, as they both executed number of projects earlier.
Every loss of Hyderabad will be gain of Andhraptadesh. This may be propmted the latest controversy.

Telangana Government must be cautious in dealing these corporates. The handling of controversy sofar good and fast. At tge same time we must not loose L&T . It cannot be rubbed wrongside. Let us take the them in to confidence.