Bias and Distortion….its daily news

Supreme Court upheld the view so far Telangana is expressing regarding Higher Education Council. Supreme Court order is nothing against Telangana, as some Andhra Newspapers interpreted. All these days Telangana Government is saying that let us separate and function. But AP Council tried to impose its orders on Telangana by wrongly interpreting the Act. That led to the legal battle and the High Court order.




Farmers suicides looming large in Andhra and Telangana

Andhra Media half truths

Hyderabad: Debt trap, drought, water and power issues driving the farmers in both Andhra and Telangana to tge death trap. According to social organisations working on farming sector, estimated that about 500 farmers died of suicides so far this year, in both Andhra and Telangana states.

But media is hiding the figures from Andhra and reporting nothing from that state and day in and day out crying foul in Telangana. Andhra media is doing a campaign that as if sucides are new and xaused by Telangana Government. They did not reported a single farmer suicide from Andhra Pradesh.

But the fact is suicides in Ananthapur are equally heartening. Here is the story and the list of suicides of farmers and textile workers in Ananthapur. AndhraPradesh Government is hiding the deaths of farmers. Andhra media is intentionally publishing the suicide reports in local pages.

When a reporter cantacted a Communist leader from Ananthapur, he said that he dont have any information on suicides. After publishing this report in Namasthe Telangana, he was shocked to know tge situation. Such is the media role. Where as same media in Telangana, trying to paint Telangana Government, a failure.



Power Games and Andhra establishment


Andhra establishment thought that Telangana government will fail and collapse, if power stopped. But Telangana Government disproved their expectations.

Andhra Establishment rooted in Telangana is unable to digest the success of Telangana and its Government. They wished and schemed to fail Telangana and to suffocate Telangana farmers.

Why dont Chandrababu pump back water from power generation through reversible turbines? Why he started a blame game? Srisailam Left bank power units have this reversible turbines facility.

Andhra Establishment out of frustration started creating nuisance and non-sense. Nalgonda people understood TDP schemes and failed bandh call.

Andhra political paries lost their locus standi and popular support in Telangana. Hence, now they were depending on their media to continue the fight.

Until unless Telangana get rid of this media influences, peace and tranquility cannot be established

Corporates Political War


L&T arguements and letters to the Telangana Government are nothing, but a political war with. Usually Corporate companies bother about political situation in investment prone states and nations. Nothing wrong in it. They never document their political thought in records. But unusually L&T done it. They thought that the Telangana State will not form. Against their wishes Telangana formed.

The Company feel that the project is not viable in the given situation. As per my knowledge L&T is doing contracts in Afghanistan, east Asia and African nations, where the political establishments most unstable. They may have habit of raising such bogey and enhancing the contract amount. But L&T made a mistake, Telangana is not Afghanistan or any other state.

The same problem can be addressed in corporate decorum. But it seems politics of Andhra and Telangana overwhelmed on him. It might have been influenced by the otherside of the division. It might have been playing into the hands of Andhrapradesh establishement, who were envy at the image Hyderabad had.

And also AndhraPradesh goverment has to take up Capital and many infrastructure projects worth more than one lakh crores. L&T may have an eye on those contracts. L&T had good and workable equation with Chandrababu, as they both executed number of projects earlier.
Every loss of Hyderabad will be gain of Andhraptadesh. This may be propmted the latest controversy.

Telangana Government must be cautious in dealing these corporates. The handling of controversy sofar good and fast. At tge same time we must not loose L&T . It cannot be rubbed wrongside. Let us take the them in to confidence.

Arrogance and Intolerance of Journalism


Arrogant and malicious Andhra Media is trying to paint, as if Telangana Government is suppressing Freedom of the Press, which is a blatant lie.

Times Now Arnab Goswami does not know Telugu and cannot understand the issue. But he is hollering as usual, like in any other discussion.

He may be feeling that he can win an argument by hollering. Ideally, he should get the stories and commentaries of TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothi, translated into Telugu. These stories and commentaries were made within few days of new state formation and new Government formation. Arnab should also get a translation of the speech of KCR at Warangal. But sadly, Arnab looks like another Radha Krishna at national level.

There are number of newspapers and more than dozen channels, owned by Andhra barons, which are operating in Telangana. But no one touched them or disconnected them. Eenadu Daily is still leading the news industry, but no one complained against it, just because, it’s not stooped to the level of ABN or TV9..

NTV, TV5, CVR, Sakshi… These channels are critical about Telangana Government, but not degraded themselves to the level of the ugly one. TV9 made a grave mistake, and no newsman can defend it. But they have realized and expressed apology.

Any ban or disconnection on news channel cannot be defended. But the journalists, who telecast such programs and features based on political comment or news, must know the difference between criticism and malice, comment and abuse, analysis and insult.

ABN-Andhra Jyothi knowingly rubbed the polity on wrong side. The Channel tried to undermine the formation of Telangana State and formation of new Government. Instead of giving due credit to KCR for achieving the state and formation of first Govt., that media house started calling KCR with whatever names it can.

ABN bosses cursed KCR with all sorts of characteristics, a dictator, an arrogant, undemocratic, within four days after the electoral victory. The channel followed no decorum, no restraint, but started attacking with vengeance, malignity and intolerance.

ABN-Andhra Jyothi is known for its alliance with TDP and Chandrababu Naidu. He may be getting boost from AP Government, he may be official telecaster of Government programs of AP. But there is no need to displease one to please the other.

In the end, its a question of knowing limitations of freedom of the press and understanding how not to trample on the aspirations of people.

Mr Rajan, can you hear farmers woes?

So far no corporate bad pay masters were punished. No corporate head died of suicide because of bad debts. So far after formation of Telangana State more than fifty farmers died of suicides, just because of bad loans and agrarian crisis. Telangana Government wants to take the burden of farm loans on its head. It amounts to about 19000 crores.

Government assures to take the responsibility of reshceduling burden. But RBI is raising all the wrong bells to stall the farm loan waiver. RBI is not willing to believe a state Government, but when it come to rescheduling or restructering of loans to corporates its readily coming forward to fecilitate to any extent.

Farm loan waiver benefits and saves nearly 40 lakh farmers, where as corporate restructuring or onetime settlement or rescheduling will help only one company, few partners.

You assume that there is no crisis in Andhra and Telangana. But you must not hide back whats happening in corporate sector. Why such bias against farmers? Sofar only Andhra Corporates evaded more than 6200 crores to the banks. Banks filed suits to recover loans. But one can understand the destiny of these cases. Not only that the bad debts of 3500 corporates reached to a no return levels. IMF warned the RBI about this debt fiasco.

Here I am giving few news stories regarding bad debts:

Did government bail out L Rajagopal, the ‘pepper-spray MP’?

All India | Sreenivasan Jain (with inputs from Niha Masih) | Updated: February 18, 2014 09:41 IST

New Delhi: For his extreme act, of using pepper spray inside Parliament, Lagadapati Rajagopal has drawn sharp criticism from his Congress party. He was also among the six MPs expelled by the party for moving a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the Telangana proposal.

But now, Mr Rajagopal faces allegations that the same UPA regime has helped his debt-ridden business empire.

His LANCO group, which he runs with his brother, with interests in power, roadways and mining, is over Rs. 36,000 crore in debt. But recently, one of its arms, LANCO Infratech, which has a debt of Rs. 7,500 crore has been given a Rs. 2,500 crore bailout package by a group of banks. The firm will also receive a two-year interest free holiday, and will have to only invest about Rs. 150 crore from its own pocket.

The group of lenders is made up of public sector banks like Andhra Bank, Punjab National Bank and Punjab & Sind Bank, leading to charges that Mr Rajagopal’s political clout was used to push through a highly generous bailout.

The MP has denied this, saying the banks reschedule loans for everybody, not just for LANCO. He also said that his brother runs the business, not him, and that there were no undue favours shown.

But it’s not just that. Mr Rajagopal is accused of annexing land belonging to the Waqf board for his 100-acres Lanco Hills luxury township in Hyderabad.

The court has allowed him to sell flats in Lanco towers till the dispute is settled, but to his critics, the project explains his anti-Telangana stance.

“So all of these top-notch industrialists who have now metamorphosed into the Members of Parliament and representatives of people, they actually are more in public life to protect their business interests and less the public interests… the lesser priorities are public interests,” KT Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi or TRS said.

But Mr Rajagopal says the land belonged to the government, which was also given to the Indian School of Business, the Urdu Academy and Infosys. He also says the Waqf claim was forged.

As Parliament braces for another stormy week over Telangana, the questions being raised: are the extreme tactics of Andhra Pradesh’s politicians-cum-businessmen like Mr Rajagopal, because of public interest or self-interest?
For NDTV Updates,

Lanco Infra Close to Sign Debt Restructuring Deal

Move will allow the debt-stricken developer to reschedule repayment of.7,500 crore of loans


Lanco Infratech is in the process of signing one of Indias largest corporate debt-restructuring deals that will allow the debt-stricken infrastructure developer to reschedule repayment of as much as.7,500 crore of loans and give it access to new credit of.3,500 crore.On Friday,Lanco Infratech and a consortium of over 25 lenders led by IDBI Bank,met in Gurgaon to work out the finer details of the debt-restructuring deal.By late afternoon,a majority of its lenders agreed to sign the agreement,while others are expected to come on board after seeking approval for the final deal from their respective managements soon,Amardeep Jaiswal,Lanco Infratechs head for legal affairs,said without divulging the terms of the deal.

A company executive with knowledge of the matter said the lender consortium,that includes Dena Bank and Punjab National Bank,will forgo a little over.400 crore of interest due from Lanco Infratech.Of the new credit,.2,500 crore will be priority loans and the rest for working capital,the executive said.As part of the plan,Lanco Infratechs promoters will hive off their stakes in some projects and companies and bring in fresh funds of about.500 crore,this executive said.According to reports,the Hyderabad-based company has already put its Budhil hydroelectric project on the block and is in talks with Sanjiv Goenka-led CESC to sell this asset.It is also scouting for investors for its solar power projects,industry sources said.An IDBI Bank executive didnt immediately comment on the debt recast.The deal reflects lenders confidence in the company promoters, Jaiswal told ET.Jaiswal,who worked closely with the lenders on the deal,said the company will repay all sundry debts at the earliest and come back on track to execute its ongoing projects.

At group level,Lancos debt burden is estimated to be close to.37,500 crore,which remains a matter of concern for its promoters and investors.Besides struggling to pay lenders,the cash-strapped Lanco Infratech also faced difficulties in paying employees on time.Lanco Infratechs gross revenue declined 30% from a year earlier to.5,449 crore in the latest six-month period ended on September 30,while its loss at the same time more than doubled to.1,159 crore.After the company announced approval from the authorities for its debt recast,its share price and trade volumes are on the rise.The Lanco Group has about 4,800 employees and has interests in power,renewable energy,mining,engineering,procurement and construction and real estate.In its recent communication to shareholders,Lanco Infratech stated that its assets were not generating envisaged revenue because of various factors beyond the control of the company,such as a short-supply of coal gas that affected power production,pending tariff clarity and delayed payments from customers.This has posed challenges to cash flow,it said.

Debt Beat

LANCO AND A consortium of over 25 lenders led by IDBI Bank,met to work out the finer details of the debtrestructuring deal AS PART OF THE PLAN Lanco Infras promoters will hive off their stakes in some projects and cos and bring in fresh funds of about.500 cr AT GROUP LEVEL,Lancos debt is estimated to be close to.37,500 crore,which remains a matter of concern for its promoters

Is Telangana State part of Indian Union?


Is Telangana State part of India Union or else where? Why Centre is imposing Governor rule on Hyderabad in the name of common capital?

Does Telangana State formed on the lines of Constitution on par with other states or is there any Kashmir type mindset in BjP Govt.

Why NDA think of so many things of a Capital as never before? What compelling BJP to do all such non sensical actions against Telangana?

So far more than 15 new States formed after independence, is there single example of such infringement on an other states Capital?

Is there any security threat to common citizens of Hyderabad? Demolitions against Gurukul Trust lands is not new thing. Due to High Court orders earlier Kirankumar Reddy Government started demolitions under the aegis of former Commissioner Krishnababu.

What Telangana Government now doing is renewal and continuation of implementaion of earlier orders. Lanco issue also boiling for some time. Does Chandrababu and their agents in Hyderabad wants to legalise all illegal occupations in Hyderabad?

Its real that peopl should not be troubled for somebodys mistakes. But dont these people know that these lands are not legal? TDP or BjP must show a remedy to solve this problem, instead of doing harakiri.