Digvijay is enough to finish Congress


In 2013 Digvijay Singh as Incharge of Andhra Pradesh affairs, continued Kirankumar Reddy as CM and stopped Botcha Satyanarayana to take over as CM in the wake of CWC decision on Telangana. Kirankumar Reddy earlier decided to step down as CM, if Congress goes ahead with State division. Those days media reported that he expressed his wish to Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi prepared to accept his wish and Called Botcha Satyanarayana to Delhi, according to reports. But over a night everything changed. Kiran decided to continue. Botcha was shunted back to Hyderabad. Later Kirankumar spoiled everything for Congress in both states. But Congress failed to realise the damage done by Digvijay with ulterior motives.

After all this mess and spoils, Digvijay continued as both states in charge. He never carried party as a total with him. He played whims and fancies in decision making.

Elections 2014: Sonia rally a big flop in Telangana by A Saye Sekhar


Apr 17, 2014 Hyderabad: The writing was on the wall loud and clear, if the Congress needed further proof of its shrinking acceptability in Telangana, Sonia Gandhi’s maiden public meeting here after the creation of the separate state provided shovel-loads of that. The public meeting conducted in the Telangana heartland, Karimnagar, should have been a resounding success with milling crowds lustily cheering her, for the Congress has every right to share the honours, if not claim full credit, for the creation of a separate Telangana along with the TRS and the BJP. It ended as a damp squib. Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao has every reason to smile, knowing that almost all his public meetings shine in sharp contrast. It was a story of too many cooks spoiling the Telangana broth. Utter lack of coordination among Telangana Congress leaders was too conspicuous for anyone to miss. Most of them were busy seeking Sonia Gandhi’s attention. The public attendance at the meeting cannot be described as even moderate, compared to the public meetings of KCR.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Ponnala Lakshmaiah garlands Congress President Sonia Gandhi at an election meeting in Karimnagar district. PTI Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president Ponnala Lakshmaiah garlands Congress President Sonia Gandhi at an election meeting in Karimnagar district. PTI Sonia’s speech writer has completely ignored packing her speech with necessary punches, kindling hopes and raking up emotions. Also, the Congress leaders do not seem to have provided the necessary input to the text of the speech that she took less than 20 minutes to deliver. Election meetings, which are usually replete with spirited speeches and striking of emotional chord with the people, should never appear like an enlarged seminar. In fact, AICC Plenary meetings had seen larger crowds than the Wednesday’s Karimnagar public meeting. The organisers erected pandals and arranged chairs for the people to sit. Promises like establishing a 4,000-MW power project, construction of Pranahitha-Chevella project, criticism of the roles of the BJP, the TRS, the TDP and the YSR Congress, the Congress legislators’ efforts much before the floating of the TRS, the stoking of sentimental issues like the realisation of the 60-year-long cherished dream of people of Telangana have all appeared to be passing references.

Sonia Gandhi could not launch a trenchant attack on the TRS, which the Congress will be fighting in the upcoming elections. It appeared as an attempt to keep the door ajar to rework the Congress parry’s knotty equation with the TRS in the post-election scenario. How much of an ice the secular card would cut with the electors remains a moot question. Of course, the Congress is not locking horns with the BJP straightaway in the election in Telangana. The Congress leaders, who are so naturally used to claiming that all is well even if something doesn’t end well, began asserting that the Wednesday’s meeting was a big success. Leaders, who were called on to the dais, greeted Sonia and adorned her with trademark tricolor khanduvas of the Congress. Some paid obeisance to her by touching her feet. The introduction of Lok Sabha contestants and some select leaders was goofed up by Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Ponnala Laxmaiah. After calling out the names of one leader after the other, the TPCC president had to cover up his faux pas in a hurried manner when senior leader D Srinivas came onto the dais waving at the people. “Senior leader Dharmapuri Srinivas…yes…I have already invited him…I have already invited him…”said Laxmaiah in a very apologetic tone. Soon he had to usher in K Jana Reddy also on to the dais.

The expected euphoria and enthusiasm went missing among the crowds. The Congress should actually have summoned all its strength and made the electoral war with the TRS as the proverbial David and Goliath fight. But what clearly lacked on the Congress side was a giant leader who can establish emotional connect with people of Telangana. Almost all top Congress leaders of Telangana were either playing second fiddle to YSR Reddy until the 2009 elections or were at daggers with him. But none of them seem to have made any attempt to rise to match his leadership skill and alacrity in attracting the masses. Two successive defeats in elections dwarfed D Srinivas from offering an alternative leadership and Jana Reddy has his own set of inadequacies in outsmarting others. It was too palpable that the party could not mobilise enough crowds to make up for at least a dignified number of audience to attend the public meeting and the delinquent second-rung of leadership too must share the blame. The Congress proposes to oragnise two more public meetings of Sonia Gandhi and five of Rahul Gandhi during the electioneering. Whether the Telangana Congress leaders would pull their socks up to make them big hits or put up a feeble show is only a conjecture.

Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/politics/elections-2014-sonia-rally-a-big-flop-in-telangana-1483799.html?utm_source=ref_article

Is there coverts around Sonia, supporting Andhra cause?

Is Congress playing with fire?


Why it’s pushing Telangana Bill to last days of last Session?
Why it’s knowingly allowing thousands of people to travel to Delhi against Telangana?
Is there any orchestrated violence planned to stall Telangana Bill?

Is top leaders and central Ministers around Sonia Gandhi
covertly supporting Seemandhra cause?

What if some untoward incidents take place in Delhi in the last leg of Parliament sessions?
Does Congress sincerely planning to pass the Bill in the Parliament or to deceive Telangana people?

Does Congress planning to throw the blame on BJP and escape from the responsibility?

Does anyone choose 17 seats over 25 seats?

Sonia Gandhi chose 17 seats over 25 seats because She would have thought keeping her word is more important than 25 seats.

Jayaprakash Narayan chose his region over his principle of self rule.
Chandrababu chose his region over his declared stand.
Kirankumar Reddy opted his region over his proclaimed loyalty.
Jaganmohan Reddy selected 25 seats over 17 seats.

Who is honest? Who is dishonest??

Sonia Gandhi or Jayaprkash Narayan?
Sonia Gandhi or Chandra Babu Naidu?
Sonia Gandhi or Kirankumar Reddy?
Sonia Gandhi or Jaganmohan Reddy?

What leaders are you?
What principles do you have?
What moral courage do you have?

Deception, duplicity, fraud, treachery, skullduggery, hypocrisy, undemocratic….bereft of words to define you. We are ashamed for bearing you all these years.

Congress top brass meet to discuss strategy for Winter session

Last Updated: Friday, November 29, 2013, 22:02

New Delhi: Congress top brass on Friday met to discuss the strategy ahead in the Winter session of Parliament beginning December 5 as government inched closer to formation of Telangana.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath, who is not a member of the Congress Core Group, was present in the meeting presided over by party chief Sonia Gandhi with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by her side.

The meeting apparently discussed the issue of floor coordination in both Houses at a time when Congress is taking in a big way the snoopgate issue in Gujarat to target Narendra Modi as this will be the second last session of this Lok Sabha with the general elections just five months away.

The winter session is set to be a stormy affair with Opposition planning to raise a host of issues including coalgate, Tehelka rape case and price rise.

The outcome of the assembly elections in five states scheduled on December 8 is expected to overshadow the session, which has been made just a two-week affair in view of the polls.

A special meeting of the Union Cabinet on December 3 will discuss the report of the Group of Ministers (GoM), set up to look into the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, and the draft Telangana Bill, Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said hours before the Congress Core Group meeting.

Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting has been called to discuss exclusively the Telangana issue, he said.

“Various options (on how to create Telangana) will be put forward and the Cabinet will take a final call,” he told reporters here.

Sources said the last meeting of the GoM will be held either on Monday or early Tuesday to finalise the draft Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill.

In the last session, MPs from Seemandhra region, particularly those belonging to TDP, had forced a number of adjournments.

First Published: Friday, November 29, 2013, 22:02

Telangana Bill to Lok Sabha on December 9

DC | 6 hours 53 sec ago

Hyderabad: AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh told a group of senior Congress leaders from the Telangana region, who met him in Delhi, that the process of dividing the state is moving very fast and no one can stop it now.

He said that they can go to the people and tell them confidently that the Congress has granted a separate state of Telangana and that Sonia Gandhi has understood the sentiments of the Telangana people.

It is understood that the Telangana Bill will be ready by November 15. Taking the state Assembly’s opinion on the Telangana Bill will be completed by the end of November and it should go before Parliament in the first week of December.

A crucial meeting on sharing of river waters by both states will be held on October 28. Draft bills creating the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand are being studied by officials preparing the draft bill.

According to one source, the government is planning to introduce the Telangana Bill in Parliament on December 9, which is Sonia Gandhi’s birthday. Another source says the Bill will be introduced in Parliament on December 7 and approved by the house on December 9.

Courtesy Deccan Chronicle

Kiran failing himself and his party;

High command failed to reign in Kiran and Andhra leaders
Both were failing Andhra Pradesh people

Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy at the helm of affairs in Andhra Pradesh, Congress high command is digging its own grave politically. Kiran Reddy failed the high command’s attempts to solve the long pending turmoil in the state. Kiran changed his often pronounced stance that he will abide by the high commands decision.

And also now he is behaving like as if he is not party to high commands decision. He is throwing entire blame on high command to save his personal space at the cost of party’s political space. He is abdicating his duty to lead the party in troubled times. He is behaving like any opposition leader.

He is aiding, guiding and adding fuel to fire very frequently as an agitator. He is functioning more as a Seemandhra leader than a Chief Minister. Congress high command failed to handle Kiran and other Andhra leaders.

Is it true that Congress high command kept Andhra leaders in the dark?

Congress high command gave enough signals that they were moving forward on Telangana many a times. Sonia Gandhi herself told with Seemandhra establishment that the decision was informed well in advance. But why this volte face by Kiran and co.

Is it true that high command took the decision without any consultations?

Since last three and half years lot of churning has been done. Srikrishna Committee after having extensive consultations with all cross sections of the society gave a detailed report, with six options. Three times all party meetings were held in Delhi. So far no issue was gone through this much consultation process.

Is it true that Kiran is speaking on behalf of people?

Then which people he is representing? On behalf of whom he is speaking? Is he prepared to disown Telangana people? Why he did not advocated for Samaikyandhra earlier? Is he playing to his own gallery in Andhra?