Corporate amalgamation and take overs in politics

It’s not a corporate activity. But moves are on the same lines. Political amalgamations, venture capitalists, take overs….what not all sorts of corporatisation of politics is going on.

It seems some external force, is operating to disunite some political parties and to unite other political parties. Some new entrepreneurs start a party and sell it to a big party…

Left parties were marginalised. Agreed alliances were broken… Mamatha and Jayalalitha were teamed up to humiliate left in the last hour of alliance.

On the other hand, divergent political forces were brought to one platform…

Parties like AAP were surrounded and attacked mercilessly…

Beware of re-unification threat

Need for own political identity for telangana

Beware of re-unification



In the absence of our own political party.,gradually national & regional political parties controlled by non-Telangana parties gain power & “Telangana state” may become a “VASSAL STATE” (SAAMANTHA rashtram) to Residual A.P.

And you cannot rule out a theoretical possibility of such political parties “forcing Union Government” to unify TELANGANA & A.P into a UNITED STATE (by virtue of NUMERICAL STRENGTH of M.P.s of these parties) under article 3.

Telangana must have its own political party and it must be independent of Seemandhra establishment. If TRS merged with Congress, Seemandhra political parties will be revived in Telangana and again gradually Telangana will slip into their hands, which is dangerous to region.

Beware of threat of Seemandhra Political establishment.

BJP will not play Brutus

Is it possible to convince the political parties, which change their stands frequently?

Is it possible to get the consensus of the parties, who behave against their declared stands?

Is it easy to get the approval of the parties, who ask nothing, listen nothing, but just oppose division?

Is it workable to bring the parties to the discussion table, who are blind and deaf to the happenings in and around Telangana all these years?

Can a majority region enjoying the fruits of the minority region, give approval to the division? Uttarpradesh has not occupied Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh never grabbed Chattishgarh, while Andhra region enjoyed every resource of Telangana.

If BJP joins with them, the burden of solving the problem will be on their head for generations.

If BJP becomes party to Seemandhra machinations on Telangana, it will lose the region forever and it will not get any returns from other part.

BJP must keep in mind live aspirations since fifty seven years, three agitations, 369 youngsters death in firing, 1200 youngsters suicides, million March, Sagara haram, sakajanula samme and Jai Andhra movement and their sacrifices.

Hope BjP will not do another historical blunder by opposing the Telangana Bill? Wish BJP will not play the Brutus.image

Government committed to Telangana formation: PM


The government is committed to formation of Telangana, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Tuesday.

He urged political parties to make best use of the time available during parliament’s short winter session beginning Dec 5. “It should be everybody’s endeavour to make best and optimal use of time available to the two houses,” he said.

Talking to reporters after an all-party meeting convened by Speaker Meira Kumar, the prime minister said the government would do everything in its power to ensure smooth functioning of the two houses. Leaders of parties in the Lok Sabha attended the meeting.

Members expressed concern at the short duration of the session, saying several important issues had to be discussed but there were only 12 working days. They said the government too had heavy legislative agenda.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded bill on formation of Telangana and discussion on price rise.

Asked about the demand for creation of Telangana, the prime minister said the government was committed to it.

“(We are) committed to formation of Telangana,” the prime minister said, and added that the government would follow the process of law for creation of the new state.

The prime minister sought cooperation of members in the smooth functioning of parliament.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath told reporters later that several parties expressed their views for extending winter session of parliament after a break for the Christmas and the government would take a view on the issue after wider consultations.

He said the parties agreed to bring the bill on Telangana in the winter session. “It will be (our) endeavour to have the bill as early as possible,” he said.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj told reporters the party wanted passage of both the bill on Telangana and the Lokpal bill in the winter session.

Communist Party of India leader Gurudas Dasgupta said his party would bring an adjournment motion on the price rise at the beginning of the session and sought support from opposition parties.

Courtesy Metro India

Seemandhra media spewing venom on Division

‘Samasyalu parishkarichakundaane munduku’- Eenadu
‘Ammathodu addangaa narukuthaa’- TV-9
‘Shara vegamtho vibhajana dishagaa adugulu’- TV-9
‘Aaga meghaalapai vibhajana’…….

This is the rhythm of Seemandhra media since last few days. Is it true that division of State is sudden and fast happening? How many years fought by Telangana people? How many people sacrificed all these years? How long consultations it has taken?

Seemandhra media is heading this cynical campaign and spreading canards on division. While politicians taking back seat these Hegemons taken over the driver seat. Lies and lies, everywhere lies.

Telangana State demand has passed through the all the tests one needs. Got widest political consensus. All possible platforms deliberated on the issue. All the major political parties in the state one time or other agreed to division. No political party thought of giving solutions for Andhra in case of division.

Though Central Government announced its decision to give Telangana in 2009 December 9, all the parties headed by Seemandhra leaders forcibly stopped the process. They dragged the issue to this end and now accuse of ‘division for electoral benefit’ of Congress.

They burned valuable time in blackmailing and stalling the process and now blame Central Government is on fast track.

Any division happened so far is recorded in the history. Decision on capital was left to residuary state in any case. Water and assets will be distributed as per legally and established norms. 371(D) can be continued or discontinued, it will not be a stumbling block in division.

Divided parties united bluffs!

They did not keep their parties united in both regions!

They can not take a united stand on any issue!

They failed to keep their families together!

They cannot treat both regions on par!

They cannot take to heart the pains of both regions on the same lines!

They can break the parent political parties and launch new one!

They may violate every rule, law, assurances and agreements!

They have never grieved at Telangana sorrows.

They never fought for Telangana.

They never did hunger strikes for Telangana.

Bodily they are in Hyderabad, mentally they are with Seemandhra.

They were Kiran, Chandrababu, Jaganmohan Reddy!
The parties are Congress, TDP, YSRCP!

Telangana must awake and arise now!