Changing arithmetic of AP elections-1


Political polarisation is underway in both regions as the election notification is nearing. A complete different scenario is emerging in both regions. Though there may be multi cornered contests in terms of number, real fight will be between two forces in both areas.

Do or die for TDP and YSRCP

TDP is consolidating its strengths by pooling heavy weights from other parties. Entire Kamma community is rallying behind TDP-BJP alliance, where as Reddy community is in splits. Kapu community is also divided.

Chandrababu is moving hell and heaven to win this election at any cost, where as Jaganmohan Reddy is losing his strength. He is failing to keep his folk united. Still all the surveys came out so far predict YSRCP will be the main gainer and TDP may settle for second place.

But situation is changing very fast. Realignment of social groups is also on cards. Which groups align with whom will make the difference.

Swing towards TRS over Congress in Telangana

TRS is fledging its energies by day in day out. Congress is still strong enough but unable to give united fight. TDP and YSRCP lost their relevance in Telangana. But they have some base in few districts and in few constituencies.

YSRCP may not win a single seat in Telangana, where as TDP may get a single digit number. TDP is trying to get some relevance by aligning with BJP and also cultivating BC vote bank. But it may not go well with Telangana populace.

But real fight is going to be between TRS and Congress. Crystallisation of choices reduced to these two parties once election notification given.

United in Political corruption, disunited in economic corruption

Lagadapati, Arunkumar on behalf of Kirankumar Reddy,
Mysore Reddy, Balashouri on behalf of Jaganmohan Reddy,
CM Ramesh, Modugula Venugopal Reddy on behalf of Chandra Babu Naidu

clandestinely working together to overthrow the Central Government. They were collecting the signatures of MPs to move no confidence motion. They are bent up on to go to any extent to stall Telangana.

Now the nation will know the evil designs of Andhra leaders and their devilish clutches on Telangana. The Parliament will know the audacity of a bunch of thugs and their criminal plans to curtail constitutional process. Democracy must prevail over subversive forces.

They are united in stalling Telangana, but disunited in their fight to power. These are the most corrupt politicians. No principles. No scruples.

Consequences of Rayala Telangana


1.It may not end as a solution, but will create a new problem. Politically and morally it will not stand for any scrutiny.

2. It’s not recognising existence of Telangana, but destroying existence of Rayalaseema.

3. Krishna River, particularly Srisailam reservoir will be under control of Rayala Telangana, which will throttle the life of Delta. Kadapa, Nellore and Chittoor.

4. Telangana will have the fortune of its own party, that is TRS in existence, as the proposal of Rayala Telangana will be rejected by it.

5. Finishing of Chandrababu, Jaganmohan Reddy in Telangana and controlling of KCR will not be materialised, because Babu and Jagan will get the relevance to the Royala Telangana.

6. Centre may be thinking of transferring the burden to the new state to avoid capital dispute, but it will end up as a capital punishment to the the Andhra state.

7. When Congress, TDP, YSRCP and TRS fight for power in new state, Telangana people will have no choice except choosing TRS as their sole representative, as the other parties will be seen as remnants of Seemandhra domination.

Jagan’s flop show on Day-1

YSRCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy started indefinite hunger strike today at his residence in Jubilee Hills Lotus Pond, without much fanfare. The party leaders failed to mobilise a sizeable people to make it a grand success. People in the city were not shown any interest in participating and expressing solidarity with Jagan on Samaikyandhra cause. Approximately about 1000 people gathered at Deeksasthal.

‘We are facing lot of trouble. We are afraid to mobilise Telangana people, as they may act otherwise after coming here. Seemandhra people are not willing to identify with Samaikyandhra movement any more, except few hardcore’ explained one leader from Dilshukhnagar.

‘It is surprised to see very few people here at Deeksha, while YSRCP leaders claiming all these days that 20 to 30 lakhs Seemandhra population is staying in Hyderabad. City people not enthusiastic to participate in Deeksha, while people from Seemandhra are unable to participate in it as total bandh is on’, a TV channel reporter saying in his live in programme.

There are allegations that some people were brought on hire to show some presence.