Hating Andhrites means Hating Brothers


Some of my friends on social network and other forums are accusing me of causing hatred against Andhrites. It pains me a lot. I don’t believe in hating people of any region or any religion or any caste. But I do criticise establishments which cause hurt. Establishments are not people. May be they evolve from people. But people as whole cannot think of causing harm to one region or one caste.

The establishments which yield power from popular vote, can scheme, design and plan harm to certain regions. This is happen all the way in the last 55 years. Establishments are embodiment of hegemonistic thinking. Once Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, later Nara Chandrababu Naidu , finally YS Rajashekar Reddy or many ministers and officers they are called establishment.

Once an Irrigation Minister, who is now playing an important role in Andhra Assembly, shelved SLBC project meant for drought prone Nalgonda district. He announced in Kodad press conference that it is a waste project. On that day the then Home Minister Madhava Reddy resigned for his minister post and handed over the letter to Chandrababu. Chandrababu solved the crisis by shifting Andhra Irrigation Minister to Panchayathiraj and and also began the SLBC lift works.

It is the only project Chandrababu initiated at that time. Hence the project was named after Madhava Reddy as it was pushed froward by his initiation. Like this hundreds of examples are there. When there is flood in Sriram Sagar Chief Minister reliuctant to release water to Kakatiya Canal or Flood Flow Canal, but he let the water released to Godavari to save the Godavari Delta.

I have been pointing out these aspects of Andhra establishment. Andhra People are in no way related to these schemes. I had my entire early friends in Andhra as I studied my MA and MPhil in S V University. They are loving and caring. Hating Andhra people means hating my brothers and friends. I had that concious. People as such never never conspire against each other, but the evil power and its holders makes the difference.

Writing some thing about river water losses is not promoting hate. Without knowing what happened all these years in this front, we cannot rework on Projects. My point is limited to that. Its not an apologetic explanation. Only I can say is I love the people who hate me. But I will continue to write..write..on right issues.