Faith or no faith, world goes on….

One may pray to God; maybe not,

One may believe in God; maybe not,

One may cram hymns from the holy books; maybe not,

One may have a mainstream or a tribal god; maybe not,

Human beings can still survive and sustain.


Faith is bliss to the faithful

Harmful when it collides with the other ’s

Faith binds social pluralities,

When turns blind, can cause the unity cave in.


All the nations India, China, Russia, America or Nicaragua thrive on whether or not there is God.

All the races move forward whether they have faith or no faith, they have a god or god not.

Faith is manmade; that’s why there are faiths galore.


The treasures of art forms; music, dance and song are manmade; different talents for different places and planets.

No faith is greater than humans, no faith can overtake the faith in humanity,

Wherever the faith turns blind and controls human activity; chaos surface along the shores of the floods of blood.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily