Symbols of destructionist politics

Opportunistic intellectuals who habituated to do some harakiri on any issue, obstructing irrigation projects in the name of farmers. These people fight for projects and water in some areas and fight against projects in other areas. 
Two days ago CPM cadre staged a rastaroko in Nalgonda demanding completion of LLC. The next day they staged rastaroko n Medak district opposing Mallannasagar Project. They dont have common stand and principle.
Creating trouble and raising flags is their main agenda. CPM never fought such battle against Polavaram. They dint achieved single benefit tohe people. Creating rubble seems to be intellectualism to some than achieving a penny to people. 
People who served the blood soaked YSR regime now pretending to be friends of farmers and creating trouble to Telangana. CPM cursed to the dust by the people for its destructionist politics and anti people theories. 
CPM never behaved as a Telangana party. Nalgonda people voted for CPM for years, but they dint get a single road to the villages. CPM dried up and dragged Nalgonda to bankbench in Nalgonda District. Water is lifeline of development. Why r u oppose it?
You show me single a incident in YSR regime, when he constructed maasive reservoirs- more than a dozen in Rseema? Where these parties and intellectuals sleeping? YSR and Chandrababu regimes acquired lakhs of acres and gave it to SEZs, why a single agitation registered by these forces?

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily