I Beg apology for using call girl. But they are sincere and honest to their customer. Where as some politicians are not. They sit in a camp and try to exhibit loving some and hating some in the same camp. 
They always call some one with some name and try to certify that he is such and such. They fit for nothing except shooting some one who was chosen as target. They do nothing except raising litigations. 

I remember Tholubommalata and Kethigaadu. Kethigaadu introduce everyone in badmouth. Hence some politicians are called Calliticians. 

When a pressman working hard to draw the facts between the lines is called presstitues, there is nothing wrong calling some politicians,sitting in glass houses and scratching everything they come accross, Callitician.


I like poltics. I respect the leaders. I believe nation builds in political process. But I disown Calliticians who give certificates to media.

Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad