Congress’s bad past and bad mouth


Congress might have claimed credit of Telangana State Formation, if it might have completed the process in 2005 or 2009. It dragged the issue for so long and ultimately dead so badly. They have not learned any lesson from experience, except very bad mouth.

Congress leaders of the state enjoyed power, sharing the booties, signing the contracts, doing the deals and wheels at the State and Center, while Telangana people are fighting on the roads and sacrificing their lives.

Former Central Minister Jaipal Reddy is also part of this booty sharing. He never influenced Center with his stature to take the issue a logical end. He always tried to be a Peddamanishi and if possible a CM and a United Andhra Pradesh champion. Only positive thing he done is he put his weight at the last stage behind Telangana.

Whatever KCR done, his entire 13 years journey is in the interest of Telangana. People realized and accepted him as their champion of future too. The Congress leaders, who were rejected and sent to remote, are not supposed to give certificates to KCR. They have neither credibility nor concern for people.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad