Chandrababu’s Scorn at State’s Division

He lost his mind and its connection to the people


Chandrababu will not change for his life time. Cheating and deceit are inseparable tracts of Chandrababu. His speech on second anniversary is annoying. After two years of State Formation, Chandrababu continued same tone and tenor against division. It’s self defeating political strategy.

He is saying lies and lies on State division, that it was happened without his knowledge. But the fact is that he neglected demanding concessions while acting as a savior of United Andhra Pradesh. They have wasted the time and energy in cheating people.

See the history. All the new states formed without established state capitals. But no new state leader wept like CBN. Those states are progressing steadily. Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand built new capitals and achieved unusual growth rates.

Chandrababu may hide NDA Government’s assistance to the state and also play blame game, but how long? No new state was getting such volume of funds from Centre earlier. Pretending as sufferer and keeping the Andhra brethren with such a mind for long time will not help Chandrababu or The State. People will not believe Chandrababu for long with this pretension.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad