Why vehicle shifted well before FIR

When Accident was happened(File photo)

When it was brought to Reconstruction case

Unending doubts in Devi’s Case

Unable to understand, why jubilee Hills police shifted the damaged vehicle from the site of accident well before FIR. If nothing was happened why the scene of offence was cleaned so hastily? Vehicle shifted around 5 am, where as FIR recorded at 7am.

Why witness version was not probed thoroughly? Why Devi’s case was linked with the time and place, when it is a ghastly crime? Why pubs were allowed to run till in the morning and allowed youth to enter into it?

If girl attends a party late in the night, is it a license to kill? Why the attempts of character assassination were flouted to weaken the case? When the Nirbhaya case was happened the girl is with her friend. At that time also some people questioned the time and company of the girl traveling with.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily