Not just CJI, Nation too crying

This system is so moribund that it can make weep Chief of Justice India. Think about a common man knocking the doors of justice? Its true that burden is more on judicary because of pendency, but loss, suffering is of people. People are dying for resolution of cases for decades.
A simple case of canal land acquisition in Nalgonda District was kept pending since last seven years after spending 150 crores of public money. Case is about five acres of land. Two ends of canal work was completed, but a small strech was obstructed by a litigant monger along with few farmers. Who cares? Who resolves?
Failure of resolution by judiciary costing dearly. 15 villages, 30,000 population deprived of water for all these years. The interest on spent money may cross about 20-25 crores, but the resolution cost will not be more than a crore. Who listens?
There are AG, AAG, Spl GPs, GPs in the court to plead for Government. CE, SE, EE, AEE’s are on Irrigation rolls to over see the work. Collector, Joint Collector, Spl Deputy Collector…one can list a hundred officials responsible to oversee this work. But where is the time?
Contractor is dragging the work as long as it is possible to get the maximum out of escalation rule. We are after evry pillar and post. Every one show their finer at stay in court. We went there too. Honorable Judge asked one day ‘how many cases I can see?’ He is true. The list for the day is more than 300. Posted a date after vacation.
It means rain season will come. The work cannot be taken up. One more year will pass without water. What system is this? All Government officials cobcerned played a passive role or collusive part without asking vacation of stay vacation for six years. How long? The wait is on. Villages were dying for water. 
Its one case. As honorable judge told the pending cases are crores. Its everybody’s weep.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad