What happens if every bill of purchase linked with an online network of Government?

Have seen a barcode and IT number on a ticket sold by an entertainment park in Thailand. I was wondered to know that all the transactions will be under the scanner of the regime. Then thought of our state and nation. What happens if all transactions of gold and jewellery linked with a Government server? 
What will be the result if all billing systems in all medical shops, agencies and hospitals banked in Government server? What will be the outcome if all the liquor sales billed to Government server? What is going to happen every land transaction updated automatically by an online network?

What if Government closes fair price shops and gives dole to BPL families directly to their bank accounts? 

Seems to be a wild and crazy idea? But ‘definetly it will crush the curruption to the low levels. Government coffers will fill with abundunt funds. But poltical and administrative system will starved to death’ says a friend traveller. 


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad