Casteism and its political fall out

Recently one of my close friend questioned me at point blank, ‘Are you a Kamma baiter? Many people who know our friendship asking me about this. Is it true or not? You always criticising TDP, why?’, he continued.
 ‘What do you feel, knowing me since long time? Have you smelled casteist in me at any point of time?’. He replied, ‘no never, but I observe, you are always criticising TDP, why?’. I said, my opposition to TDP is regarding Telangana ideology based. Its political. Then I have shown my tweets to him. Here are few: 
I cannot accept your (one of the twitterate) argument on Kamma caste. Or I cannot endorse the analysis of Dalel. Every caste has good and bad. 
I dont believe that any caste as a whole is detrimental, but few leaders who try to use it as a political cover. Kamma’s are progressive community.
Castes which are upward, hardworking, adept to changing situations and drive to success lead the society and politics. Statusquoists failed very often.
When you lead you err and you earn some castes otherside. That is what happening these days.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad