TRS poised to win with big majority


Warangal voters turned out at poling booths with the same enthusiasm as earlier. Though poll percentage is less than 2014 polls, 69 percent votes turn out was not expected by poll predicts. Everybody is expecting a turnout around 60 percent. But rural constituencies proved otherwise. Parakala, Palakurthi, Station Ghanpur, Wardhannapet and Bhupalapalle constituencies voters turned out at polling stations in a big way. In most of the villages polling was seen as one side, i.e. in TRS way.

The harakiri and non sense propagated by certain forces against TRS and Telangana Government proved to be counter productive to the parties, who shouldered with the propaganda. Most cantankerous campaign was promoted by certain media houses to spoil the image of 18 month old newly born Telangana Government. All most all media exit polls predicted TRS win by the evening. Of course biters of Telangana Government did not gave big leads, but estimated comfortable margin.

The people benefiting from Government welfare schemes came to poling booths in first round itself. And also TRS leaders ground work and hard work reflected in increasing in polling percentage. ‘It is certain that we are confident of crossing three lakhs margin. People are with us. They are expecting from us to do more for them’, a TRS leader commented today after closing of the polling.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily