Stampede at Rajamundry Pushkara Ghat, Kills 27 Pilgrims

Its disheartening. Very sad and shocking. Women, children and elders caught in the stampede and killed. Till now 27 pilgrims died. The incident took place in Pushkara Ghat, which is very near to Railway station. Pilgrims thronged the Ghat massively. Police and administration failed to control or divert the pilgrims to other Ghats.


It seems competitive mobilisation strategies of both Governments made the situation worse for Rajamundry pilgrims. There is ten days time to take bath in Godavari, but the madness in rush become unmanageable in some places.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

One thought on “Stampede at Rajamundry Pushkara Ghat, Kills 27 Pilgrims”

  1. Very unfortunate incident in rajamandri.
    because of mismanagement of AP govt.CM spend last one month for votuku notu case in Hyderabad and Delhi. No supervision on pushkara mela . And AP CM hearted revenue officials in vanajakshi case.and police officers insulted by cm recently.
    That’s why THE CHENDRA BABU NAYUDU only the responsibility for this tragedy.

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