Politically right, morally wrong


Politically right cannot be a right thing, when we test it with moral yard sticks. There are number of occasions Telanganites felt nervousness, when somebody without fighting for the statehood, now joining TRS and getting the top posts. But a political party, which is in formative stage, has to walk a long way. It has to establish on long term basis. It has to cultivate the party network to the grass roots. It has to workout its social engineering. TRS is in that formative stage.

It is adopting inclusive approach to expand its social and political base. Hence, D.Srinivas or some one, relevant or not admitted into it. Its a political strategy. One cannot find moral meaning in it. I got a speech of D.Srinivas in Assembly demanding separate state in the year 2000. ‘Except separate state, no arrangement can save Telangana’ he told the House on that day. May be he did not do his best when Telangana is fighting real battle.

But TRS admitted the people, who derided the leader and fought against Telangana warriers, where is the need tom question DS inclusion? But TRS must remember the statement DS made on the occasion of resignation-‘I am the committed activist and loyalist of the Congress from my tender age. But CoOngress high command neglected me and gave priority people who came from other parties. Jana Reddy and Jaipal Reddy who came from TDP and Janatadal got everything where as I was ignored and insulted. Hence I am leaving the party’.

KCR must take that caution tomorrow some one who came all along with him should not feel neglected.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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