Take Over Tenth Schedule Institutions: Telangana Chief Secretary


Andhra Government had no authority on the institutions based in Telangana, but since last one year Chandrababu got transferred 100 crores from these institutions. And also trying to meddle with the institution’s administration with atrocious appointments. Where as Telangana does not getting any services from institutions based in Andhra. If Andhra has to get any services from the institutions based in Telangana, Chandrababu has to come to an agreement with Telangana Government. But Chandrababu never attempted to do so. Instead he is provoking Andhra officers to occupy the Telangana Institutions. To counter this Telangana Government ordered State authorities to occupy all the institutions based in Telangana. And also ordered the seizer of the institutional bank accounts.

75. (1) The Government of the State of Andhra Pradesh or the State of Telangana, as the case may be, shall, in respect of the institutions specified in the Tenth Schedule to this Act, located in that State, continue to provide facilities to the people of the other Statewhich shall not, in any respect, be less favourable to such people than what were being provided to them before the appointed day, for such period and upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the two State Governments within a period of one year from the appointed day or, if no agreement is reached within the said period, as may be fixed by order of the Central Government.

(See section 75)

List of Training Institutions/Centres

1. Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Union, Hyderabad.
2. Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, Hyderabad.
3. Andhra Pradesh Forest Academy, Rangareddy District.
4. Andhra Pradesh State Council of Science and Technology (APCOST), Hyderabad.
5. Dr.MCR Human Resource Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
6. Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad.
7. State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Vengalrao Nagar, Hyderabad.
8. State Board of Technical Education and Training, Hyderabad.
9. Andhra Pradesh Police Academy, Hyderabad.
10. Water and Land Management, Training and Research Institute, Hyderabad.
11. AMR Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development, Hyderabad.
12. Sriramananada Theertha Training and Research Institute.
13. Andhra Pradesh Prohibition and Excise Academy.
14. State Institute of Educational Technology, Hyderabad.
15. State Council of Educational Research and Training, Hyderabad.
16. Andhra Pradesh Study Circle, Hyderabad.
17. Tribal Culture and Research Institute, Sankshema Bhavan, Masab Tank, Hyderabad.
18. Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad.
19. Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Certification Agency, Hyderabad.
20. Andhra Pradesh Live Stock Development Agency, Hyderabad.
21. Centre for Forest and Natural Resource Management Studies (CEFNARM), Rangareddi District.
22. Andhra Pradesh Press Academy, Hyderabad.
23. AIDS Control Society, Hyderabad.
24. Andhra Pradesh Medical and Aromatic Plants Board, Hyderabad.
25. Andhra Pradesh Para Medical Board, Hyderabad.
26. Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad.
27. Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad.
28. State Level Police Recruitment Board.
29. Society for Andhra Pradesh Network (SAPNET) , Hyderabad.
30. Andhra Pradesh Engineering Research Labs, Hyderabad.
31. Andhra Pradesh Urdu Academy, Hyderabad.
32. Andhra Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor, Hyderabad.
33. Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA), Hyderabad.
34. Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Project (P.M.U) , Hyderabad.
35. Water Conservation Mission.
36. Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty, Hyderabad.
37. Employment Generation and Marketing Mission, Hyderabad.
38. Andhra Pradesh State Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Hyderabad.
39. Andhra Pradesh Open School Society, Hyderabad.
40. A.P.R.E.I. Society, Hyderabad.
41. Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (A.P.S.W.R.E.I.) , Hyderabad.
42. State Agriculture Management and Extention Training Institute (SAMETI) Hyderabad.
43. Soil Conservation Training Centre, Hyderabad.
44. State Management Institute for Livestock Development in Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad (SMILDA), Hyderabad.
45. Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, Hyderabad.
46. Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backward Classes, Hyderabad.
47. Hindi Academy, Hyderabad.
48. Telugu Academy, Hyderabad.
49. Sanskrit Academy, Hyderabad.
50. Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute, Hyderabad.
51. Andhra Pradesh State Archives and Research Institute, Hyderabad.
52. Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Hyderabad.
53. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad.
54. Telugu University, Hyderabad.
55. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad.
56. RVM (SSA) Authority, Hyderabad.
57. Andhra Pradesh Government Text Book Press, Hyderabad.
58. State Central Library, Hyderabad.
59. Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Hyderabad.
60. Andhra Pradesh State Bio-Diversity Board, Hyderabad.
61. Andhra Pradesh National Green Corps, Secundrabad.
62. Directorate of Institute of Preventive Medicine, Hyderabad.
63. Institute for Electronic Governance (IEG) AP Society for Knowledge Networks,Hyderabad.
64. National Institute of Urban Management (NIUM), Hyderabad.
65. Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board, Hyderabad.
66. The Survey Commissioner of Wakfs, Hyderabad.
67. Centre for Educational Development of Minorities, Hyderabad.
68. Dairatul Maarif, OU Hyderabad.
69. Andhra Pradesh State Haj Committee, Hyderabad.
70. Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society, Hyderabad.
71. Extention Training Centre, Rajendranagar.
72. Extention Training Centre, Hasanparthy.
73. Rajiv Education and Employment Mission in Andhra Pradesh (REEMAP), Hyderabad.
74. Society for Rural Development Services, Hyderabad.
75. Society for Social Audit, Accountability and Transparency, Hyderabad.
76. Streenidhi Credit Cooperative Federation Ltd., Hyderabad.
77. Andhra Pradesh Survey Training Academy, Hyderbad.
78. The Ambedkar Research and Training Institute for Scheduled Castes, Hyderabad.
79. Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes,Hyderabad.
80. Victoria Memorial Home (Residential School), Hyderabad.
81. APTW Residential Education Institutions Society (Gurukulam), Hyderabad.
82. DR. YSR Study Circle for Scheduled Tribes (PETC), Secunderabad.
83. Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission, Secunderabad.
84. Andhra Pradesh State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Hyderabad.
85. State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Secunderabad.
86. The Training Centre for Teachers of Visually Handicapped, Secunderabad.
87. Study Circle for Disabled Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
88. APSRTC Employees THRIFT and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., Hyderabad.
89. Truck Operators Highway Amenities Society (TOHAS), Hyderabad.
90. National Cadet Corps Directorate, Secunderabad.
91. Shilparamam Arts Crafts Cultural Society, Madhapur, Hyderabad.
92. Dr. YSR National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad.
93. State Institute of Correctional Administration, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad.
94. Andhra Pradesh Fire Services and Civil Defence Training Institute, Hyderabad.
95. Weavers Training Centre, Karimnagar (WTC), Karim Nagar.
96. Powerloom Service Centre, Sircilla, Karimnagar.
97. Khadi Gramodyoga Maha Vidyalaya, Hyderabad.

Institutions Based in Andhra

1. Sri Padmavathi Mahila University, Tirupati.
2. Dravidian University, Kuppam.
3. Extention Training Centre, Bapatla.
4. Extention Training Centre, Samalkot.
5. Extention Training Centre, Srikalahasthi.
6. Andhra Pradesh Study Circle for Backward Classes, Visakhapatnam.
7. Sri Pragada Kotaiah Memorial Indian Institute of Handloom Technology(SPKMIIHT), Nellore.
8. Telugu Chenetha Parishramika Shikshna Kendram, Ananthapur.
9. State Animal Husbandry Training Centre, East Godavari.
10. State Institute for Fisheries Technologies (SIFT), Kakinada.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

3 thoughts on “Take Over Tenth Schedule Institutions: Telangana Chief Secretary”

  1. Need information regarding bifurcation of staff working in 10th schedule departments
    Especially class-iv
    All the last grade employees of AP ENGINEERING RESEARCH LABS are in fear
    Thank u

  2. The Supreme Court has recently ruled out that Telangana cannot claim the absolute right over the institutions that are listed under Tenth Schedule of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014 (APRA) and that are located in the capital city of Hyderabad, with is sharing with Andhra Pradesh.

    The Supreme Court has pronounced that the assets be divided between two states in the population ratio of 58.32 : 41.68 as per 2011 Census. The bench which heard the arguments of the Telangana government has not accepted them. It pronounced that if two States did not agree for this agreement, the Centre would constitute a committee to arrive at an agreement within two months

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