Wishful ‘stories of compromise’ by willful offenders


Some people think that they are smart. They know evry thing. They pass judgements. They decide themselves that who failed, who won, when the battle is on. Its an idiotic pleasure.

Some CBN mouth pieces say that CBN has ‘Brahmandamaina evidence’ on KCR’s socalled tapping. So that he is worried and backtracked on CBN. According to reliable sources CBN got the call data of some important Telangana leaders and officials, with the support of Centre. With this they equalled CBN with KCR. But they are wrong.

KCR’s involvement in any of these developments is Zero, where as Chandrababu and his men caught redhandedly while doing crime. They got nothing on tapping. Just with closing fist they are playing game with Telangana establishment. They are saying that ‘if they come out with the evidence they got, KCR Government will fall’.

No Telanganite believes that CBN will spare if he had evidence with him. Its just farce. Habitual offenders of law use the offence as a defence. This is one such. CBN will not escape the trial of destiny this time. He will try his best. But KCR may also not in a position to save him. He is in neck deep trouble. His image came down heavily. The otherway to say is that he is already punished like never. Legal punishment is additional one.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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