Chandrababu plans a war between Andhra and Telangana


Machiavelli in Chandrababu is active. He is planning to create a war between Andhra police and Telangana police. Giving notices to T News by an officer from Vizag is part of that game plan. He wishes that something to happen in Hyderabad and law and order must shattered. 

What if T News people house arrested the policeman entered into their campus without local identity? What happens, if Telangana police arrested the officer from Vizag operating in Hyderabad without their knowledge? Telangana police and journalists maintained restraint. 

Chandrababu is inviting violence in Hyderabad. He wants to divert the danger of losing power, in to an interstate issue. Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao knows Babu’s game plans well. He asked every one to maitain peace.

Chandrababu has to resign

He cannot escape the rope of law this time.  He is doing blunders not just mistakes. Though he is expert in getting stays and manipulating the systems, this tome he has to stand for judicial test.

1. He did not disowned Revanth Reddy so far.

2. He did not denied that recorded voice is not his own.

3. He gave asylum to an accused in the case and got bail for him.

4. He is crossing all legal limits in Hyderabad. Encroaching into powers of Telangana.

5. He is cursing all the systems available in Hyderabad. He target Governor and  retreated. 

6. He mobilised Andhra police in Hyderabad and retreated. But started another front to give noticesto T media.

7. All this is to save him personally from a political fraud, by a political party, nothing to do with Andhra Government or Andhra people.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “Chandrababu plans a war between Andhra and Telangana”

  1. Machiavellian. Indian Machiavelli. Who ever may be the culprit, must be dealt with, properly. Or else wrong message will go to future generations. M.N.Rao Sent from iPad


  2. I doubt anything could have happened if T-Police had arrested that low level AP police officer. We have to shed this hesitation to act lawfully and appropriately. Cunning CBN and his andhra cohorts only grow more belligerent with our meekness.

    Subhash Chandra

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