Telangana water share must be fixed at 464 TMC in Krishna River

Krishna Board cannot ignore facts and figures

Yes, Bachawat Tribunal awarded 512 TMCs to Andhra and 299 TMCs to Telangana in 1976.  After that lot changed in both regions. Though Board has no jurisdiction to allocate river water, it must consider the facts and fingures in its operations.
1. Krishna Delta modernisation was over. 3000 crores from United Andhra Pradesh was spent on it. That burden is being shared by two states. As assured earlier, the saved water from modenisation must be allocated to Bhima. It amounts 20 TMCs to Telangana and 9 TMCs to Pulichinthala project. Pulichinthala got legitimacy, only with Delta modernisation. It means Telangana share will become 299+20= 319 TMCs

2. Whenever Andhra Government takes up Godavari water diversion to Krishna River, Upper riparian regions will get 80 TMC water from Nagarjun Sagar, Srisailam and above. Among this Telangana had to get 45 TMC water and tge ither 35 TMC to Karnataka and Maharastra. Polavara Project was approved by Centre basing this arrangement. Andhra Government is planning to draw the water withing next few weeks from Godavari according to Chief Minister of Andhra. Hence Board must take this into consideration and decide the Telangana share of water. Its comes to 319+45= 364 TMCs

3. Then comes newly alloocated share of 197 TMCs by Brijesh Mishra Tribunal. Telangana deprived of its share of water all these decades.  It must get its preferential allocation in new share. If it is fifty percent Telangana will get 100 TMC water. If it is 75 percent it will get 150 TMC. It means 364 + 100= 464 TMC minimum and if it is further mor 364 + 150= 514 TMC

4. Hyderabad Metropolitan Area is about 7200 square kilometers, populated by nearly one crore people. It needs 75 TMC water per year, if it feeds as per normal standards. Board must keep in mind whenever water allocation takes place. 


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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