Babu and Co may be arrested in a day or two

Rogue politicians play


Chandrababu is committing mistakes one after another. He is violating law in Hyderabad. He cannot organise his police in Hyderabad. Its against reorganization act. Hyderabad is Telangana’s capital. Only Commissioner of Police, HYderabad will be in force. No police can enter into Hyderabad and serve an order without intimation to Hyderabad police.

Today Chandrababu with his foolish and rogue act mayhave mobilised 800 odd greyhound and octopus police around his neck. But he cannot escape the rope of law. It is certain that he and his co accomplices will have to see the bars, may be question of days. If Telangana police orders thousands of policemen may march in to Hyderabad and even arrest entire Andhra establishment. Chandrababu’s wish and will is something should happen in Hyderabad to rouse the emotions in Andhra.

In Hyderabad KCR is Vasudeva and Chandrababu is Paundraka Vasudeva. Chandrababu may be king in Andhra, but he is a mere guest in Hyderabad. He cannot pretend to be a King for Hyderabad. He is thoroughly mistaken the reorganisation act and misleading the Andhra people accordingly. If he wants to function from Hyderabad he has to obey the law of the land, i.e, Telangana, or stay away from the land.

With due respect fro Andhra people, as both Telugu people have to live and sail together for a long way, KCR does not cursed Chandrababu to get lost as earlier Rajaji did.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “Babu and Co may be arrested in a day or two”

  1. I would like to know why ACB is hesitating to give notice to CBN? Do you think TRS government came under pressure from central government?

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