Then what about this?

When it is right at that time why not now?

1986 March 19 Newspaper Clippings



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One Response to Then what about this?

  1. CNB says:

    During Revent Reddy’s conversation, one may see the way he is shamelessly gloating about himself , his community and family connections to political elite of his community in all parties. The lesson to other communities ,particularly OBC’s SC/ST is that they are been reduced to a position where they can be manipulated, co-opted, controlled and subjected to the dynamics of macro-politics. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION: OBC’s need to proactively participate in politics and form political party and take care of their socio – political destiny. Question is do they unity? Obviously Kamma and Political elite will simply polarize to maintain hegemony in politics- THEIR MANTRA IS — By way of grabbing political power we prosper in all spheres of life. Educated and sane people must do critical thinking. Whatever happened is good for all.


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