Kejriwal: Downsized himself, fall of an iconic image

Leaders begin their movements with hand full of activists to achieve their goal. Their hands will be on their shoulders to show their comraderie when the action started. When movement progresses one after one will be shelved. After achieving the goal, if you see, the comrades under the shoulder might be on the ground or else on the other side of the table.  

Power corrupts. more power more corrupts. Aravind Kejriwal is no exception to it. He is also proved that no difference of opinion will be tolerated. He buldozed the internal democracy, which has been professed by him all along.  Party must progress forward, but the way he dealt with Yogendra Yadav and Prashanth Bhushan shows his arrogance and dictatorial nature, which will hamper the expansion of AAP.
Very few leaders keep their army undisturbed. After reaching the altar, carrying his comrades along with him shows his capability of leadership. Kejriwal is not matured to such capability. A big and broad minded Kejriwal, now seems to be very small and narrow minded. He downsized himself, that too so fast. We are witnessing  fall of an iconic image…

Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “Kejriwal: Downsized himself, fall of an iconic image”

  1. Why only kjw be blamed. There is nothing new in this episode. History repeats. in history every ruler was unsafe &insecure. all these days why Yogendra, prashanth keep quite? why dont they rised their voice before or after elections. If they belive in democracy they should come openly protest kjw ‘s dictorial behaviour and gather public opinion. Before after elections they (yogendra, Prashanth) have freedom to speak and share the views wiht their cadre. Atleast in social media they have to rise questions? No.They havnt. What is reason behind that mr Kjw was felt insecured? why they posed threat to kjw? who are behind them? is it the game of oppsition? opponetns plannig AAP only remain to delhi? flame the inernal crisis? If AAP stabilise its postion slowly &smoothly definitely it poses challenge to the bjp. Why prashanth and yogendr are eager to de stabilise the party ? IPower Bhai power..It may be kjw, yogendra or prashanth. Whoever they may be power counts the power.

  2. Sir, I disagree with the generalized statement of ” Power corrupts, more power more corrupts”……I feel it is wrong and a safe and sweet way to give excuse to take shelter and playing a victim card …..I firmly believe it is character that makes one corrupt or not …not the power…..

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