Nothing wrong in killing National Pride?

Sangh Parivar spreading its tentacle of venom against National Personalities, which brought pride to the nation. ‘Nothing wrong’ is their slogan now. They targeted Mahathma Gandhi to Mother Theresa,  They say that Theresa came to India to propagate and convert Hindus to Christianity.  

But what about Krishna Concious Movement being done all over the world? How did Buddha change Asia? What about our Swameejees touring the world and delivering discourses and establishing their Ashramas? 

When we are behaving like this, how can we find fault with racist attacks on Indians else where? Religious pride and national pride are not synonyms. The nations which cultivated religious pride as national pride are burning, crumbling and ruining themselves. We must not join that club.

Hinduism is great to me as a believer, Nationalism is more great than religious belief, Humanism is ultimate that every one must believe.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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