How this Bala Saibaba able to cheat people?


Just now reached residence. Happened to see V6 channel live on Bala Saibaba’s Lingodbhava feat. Wordered to see that its like any human being suffering from stomachache. Bala Sai is going through all sorts of throat exercises to get the Linga which hid in.

He is nodding neck up and down to bring the Linga out. He is closing his eyes and breathing hard to get it out. In between he is clearing his watery eyes with tissue paper to hide his pain. How this type of people were encouraged?

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

One thought on “How this Bala Saibaba able to cheat people?”

  1. Hello Sir,
    Actually, bringing out Linga is a simple trick… many times demonstrated by Ramesh (JVV) garu. All the stomach aches and pain the so called baba displays is only a visual treat to the devotees to make it seem like a real feat and not a trick.

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