Diggy Raja and digging graves


It seems Congress Diggy Raja lost his political sense to its bottom due to series of his failures and defeats…. His fresh theory on Kejri and RSS link is such. He failed to launch Rahul Gandhi as a political Guru and adviser.

He spoiled political fortunes of Andhra And Telangana with messing and mis management. He became an iron leg for Congress strategies. But Congress did not realise his capacity to demolish. May be they dont even have a leader like this to cater their needs.

I did not see a leader or a party, who publicly accept their mistakes, apologises to the people and assures not to do the same so far. But Aravind Kejriwal has proved he is different and rare political being with humility and who feels answerable to people in every aspect.

People accept the leaders with humility and honest to their values, not pretenders and spoil blowers like Diggy’s.Congress must introspect where it is going wrong but not spend wriing political fictions like Diggy.

Its high handed behaviour, its disconnection with grass roots, its dependency on spent forces, its failure to update and understand the emerging psychie, lack of leaders who can match the modern generation demands and slogans…you can count hundred… Still on the same path with same votaries. Very sad state of party.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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