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Religious/ideological Expansionism is there since ages

 Expansionistic approach is corner stone of any belief, sometimes less and some times more. Some religions are aggressive and voilent and some are moderate and peaceful.  It is same with ideologies, even with communism or capitalism. What happened in … Continue reading

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Lies cannot make history, See Butdhist route

 ‘After first sermon at Sarnath, several of Buddha’s disciples, which included prime disciples like Kumar Jeev, Matang and Kashyap, went across the world following his instructions to spread the message of peace. After his first sermon, Buddha told his disciples … Continue reading

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Nothing wrong in killing National Pride?

 Sangh Parivar spreading its tentacle of venom against National Personalities, which brought pride to the nation. ‘Nothing wrong’ is their slogan now. They targeted Mahathma Gandhi to Mother Theresa,  They say that Theresa came to India to propagate and … Continue reading

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వక్రదృష్టికి ఇదో నిదర్శనం

రక్షణ శాఖ సికింద్రాబాదు కంటోన్మెంటుకు ఇప్పటిదాకా ఉన్న ‘ఆంధ్రా సబ్ ఏరియా’ పేరును ‘తెలంగాణ-ఆంధ్రా సబ్్ఏరియా’గా మార్చుతూ ఆదేశాలు జారీ చేసింది. ఆ వార్తను ఈనాడు ఎలా రాసిందో, వంకరతనానికి పేరుగాంచిన ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి ఏం రాసిందో చూడండి…విషయం చిన్నదే కానీ, ఆ పత్రిక దృష్టి లోపాన్నితెలియ జేస్తుంది. కంటోన్మెంటు ఉన్నది హైదరాబాదులో. తెలంగాణను తీసుకపోయి ఆంధ్రా … Continue reading

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A Phenomena Disappeared

Telugu Cinema Industry is passing through a bad and sad time. Demise of Ramanaidu may be a natural passage, but loss of his presence is losing a phenomena. He is not a personality, he himself an industry. His death created … Continue reading

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BJP may have not divided the state now, If Sonia had not dared then?

My Interview With Prof Jayashankar Sir a

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How this Bala Saibaba able to cheat people?

Just now reached residence. Happened to see V6 channel live on Bala Saibaba’s Lingodbhava feat. Wordered to see that its like any human being suffering from stomachache. Bala Sai is going through all sorts of throat exercises to get the … Continue reading

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