Idiot is Revanth – Dubious is TDP

Words of Venkat Gandhi

Feel sad to use this word but
Revanth Reddy of TDP has earned it by his deeds and by his own words

  1. Idiot Revanth the power sharing formula as per the GO issued by Governor of AP under presidents rule before establishment of Telanagana state on 2nd June 2014 does not EXCLUDE any source of power in existence of center and state in production or construction belonging to the combined state
    Only a Telangana Drohi and an Idiot can read the Partial numbers shared by AP as FULL and compare them with FULL numbers of Telangana State, When AP is Denying 20% Brazenly and disclosing 80% Only, then only an IDIOT Can treat 80% as 100% and Compare that with 100% disclosure of Telanagana
  2. IDIOT Revanth the Problem is with What AP denying officially and not disclosing even the data even today of – Krishnapatnam and Sileru
  3. IDIOT Revanth its…

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Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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