Power Games and Andhra establishment


Andhra establishment thought that Telangana government will fail and collapse, if power stopped. But Telangana Government disproved their expectations.

Andhra Establishment rooted in Telangana is unable to digest the success of Telangana and its Government. They wished and schemed to fail Telangana and to suffocate Telangana farmers.

Why dont Chandrababu pump back water from power generation through reversible turbines? Why he started a blame game? Srisailam Left bank power units have this reversible turbines facility.

Andhra Establishment out of frustration started creating nuisance and non-sense. Nalgonda people understood TDP schemes and failed bandh call.

Andhra political paries lost their locus standi and popular support in Telangana. Hence, now they were depending on their media to continue the fight.

Until unless Telangana get rid of this media influences, peace and tranquility cannot be established


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “Power Games and Andhra establishment”

  1. I understand that it is started for power generation in 1960 and it has changed to multi purpose by the time it is completed in 1980.
    any pumping back water EXAMPLE : 2TMC WATER GIVES 700 MW POWER AND USING SAME POWER WE CAN PUMP BACK ONLY 10% OF THAT WATER. pump back facility if there is no utilisation of power.

  2. It is absolute right that their media is trying to fight here. wonder is they are able to get upper hand some times in this fight . they never allowed or accepted telangana CM in combined andhra pradesh now they are doing same with our govt. It is time to recollect what they and their media did to telangana CM’ Anjayyaa etc…

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