Corporates Political War


L&T arguements and letters to the Telangana Government are nothing, but a political war with. Usually Corporate companies bother about political situation in investment prone states and nations. Nothing wrong in it. They never document their political thought in records. But unusually L&T done it. They thought that the Telangana State will not form. Against their wishes Telangana formed.

The Company feel that the project is not viable in the given situation. As per my knowledge L&T is doing contracts in Afghanistan, east Asia and African nations, where the political establishments most unstable. They may have habit of raising such bogey and enhancing the contract amount. But L&T made a mistake, Telangana is not Afghanistan or any other state.

The same problem can be addressed in corporate decorum. But it seems politics of Andhra and Telangana overwhelmed on him. It might have been influenced by the otherside of the division. It might have been playing into the hands of Andhrapradesh establishement, who were envy at the image Hyderabad had.

And also AndhraPradesh goverment has to take up Capital and many infrastructure projects worth more than one lakh crores. L&T may have an eye on those contracts. L&T had good and workable equation with Chandrababu, as they both executed number of projects earlier.
Every loss of Hyderabad will be gain of Andhraptadesh. This may be propmted the latest controversy.

Telangana Government must be cautious in dealing these corporates. The handling of controversy sofar good and fast. At tge same time we must not loose L&T . It cannot be rubbed wrongside. Let us take the them in to confidence.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “Corporates Political War”

  1. L&T doesn’t do business in India alone , they do business all over the world and L&T infra is only a very small part of their business . They are making many parts of Chennai, Kochi metro, got contracts with delhi metro. Arguments such as L&T wanna share of projects upcoming in AP looks silly. for the gain in AP(which l&T itself is not sure of written in namasthey telagana) , would they really mud their hands. news papers have only published what L&T had written …they did not fabricate the news nor they created a non existent letter . Crticizing TRS govt and criticizing telangana are not one and the same. Govt has to be criticized for not responding to the letter. Corporates don’t work like governments, they want to do business an earn minutes
    alasyam amrutham visham ani anduke antaaru

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