Arrogance and Intolerance of Journalism


Arrogant and malicious Andhra Media is trying to paint, as if Telangana Government is suppressing Freedom of the Press, which is a blatant lie.

Times Now Arnab Goswami does not know Telugu and cannot understand the issue. But he is hollering as usual, like in any other discussion.

He may be feeling that he can win an argument by hollering. Ideally, he should get the stories and commentaries of TV9 and ABN-Andhra Jyothi, translated into Telugu. These stories and commentaries were made within few days of new state formation and new Government formation. Arnab should also get a translation of the speech of KCR at Warangal. But sadly, Arnab looks like another Radha Krishna at national level.

There are number of newspapers and more than dozen channels, owned by Andhra barons, which are operating in Telangana. But no one touched them or disconnected them. Eenadu Daily is still leading the news industry, but no one complained against it, just because, it’s not stooped to the level of ABN or TV9..

NTV, TV5, CVR, Sakshi… These channels are critical about Telangana Government, but not degraded themselves to the level of the ugly one. TV9 made a grave mistake, and no newsman can defend it. But they have realized and expressed apology.

Any ban or disconnection on news channel cannot be defended. But the journalists, who telecast such programs and features based on political comment or news, must know the difference between criticism and malice, comment and abuse, analysis and insult.

ABN-Andhra Jyothi knowingly rubbed the polity on wrong side. The Channel tried to undermine the formation of Telangana State and formation of new Government. Instead of giving due credit to KCR for achieving the state and formation of first Govt., that media house started calling KCR with whatever names it can.

ABN bosses cursed KCR with all sorts of characteristics, a dictator, an arrogant, undemocratic, within four days after the electoral victory. The channel followed no decorum, no restraint, but started attacking with vengeance, malignity and intolerance.

ABN-Andhra Jyothi is known for its alliance with TDP and Chandrababu Naidu. He may be getting boost from AP Government, he may be official telecaster of Government programs of AP. But there is no need to displease one to please the other.

In the end, its a question of knowing limitations of freedom of the press and understanding how not to trample on the aspirations of people.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

10 thoughts on “Arrogance and Intolerance of Journalism”

  1. ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి తెలంగాణా ప్రజలని ఎప్పుడు ఎలా కిన్చాపరిచిందో మీరు కొన్ని క్లిప్పింగ్స్ ఇవ్వగలరా? KCR కి క్రెడిట్ ఇవ్వకపోవటం ban చెయ్యల్సినంత నేరం కాదు. కెసిఆర్ ని నియంత అన్నందుకు ban చేస్తే నియంత అనటం కరెక్ట్ అని మీరు ఒప్పుకున్నట్లే.. మీరు ఈ కామెంట్ ని పబ్లిష్ చేస్తే మీకు పాత్రికేయ విలువలు ఉన్నాయి అని అందరు ఒప్పుకుంటారు.

  2. Emotions cloud objective and rational assessment of a situation. KCR is using an emotional state of Telangana to further his gains. Just as in the previous comment, can you provide clippings of ABN being derogatory to the state of Telangana? This is personal vendetta against a TV channel. Banning transmission and not even owning up to it is nothing but cowardice. Intolerance to criticism is not a healthy sign of a progressive state, that too a new state.

  3. @ donga katta sekar reddy : for your kind information abn channel nu kcr ban cheyaledu .MSO lu ban chesaru …ikaa pothe abn antha kanna gorangaaa telangana prathindulanu avmanaparichindhi

  4. @ katta : K srinivas lantollu endhuku inkaa andhra jothy lo konasaguthunnaru . endhuku telangana saba laku ayeenanu endhuku ahvanisthunnaru ban him

  5. నా పేరు తో ఏమి చేస్తారు సార్… నన్ను కూడా తెలంగాణా నుండి ban చేస్తారా?

  6. eee video chuyeenchi KCr androllanu kukkalu annadu ani pracahram chesthunnaru dongalu
    kani aa vedio lo rajaji anna matalanu chepputhunna sandarbam nundi cut chesi chuspisthunnaru … ee yellow media vallu mararu …… yellow media prathaykasha yuddanniki prakinchi ndhi telangana vadulu andaru siddam kavale

  7. @ donga katta shekar reddy :… nuvvu katta shekar reddy peru meedha comment chesthe nijamainaa katta shekar reddy concern vundakunda inkaa emi vunatdhi raaa babu …. mee yellow shani telangana ku vadaladaraa . Meeru enni perulu marchukunna enni dongaa veshalu vesinaa telangana edurukutundhi mee atalu saganivadu ….

  8. Tomorrow tamil, kannada, marathi channels too demand “compulsory” telecast of their channels even though they are irrelevant channels to telangana people.
    Why should the “irrelevant channels” to telangana be telecasted ?

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