Pothireddypadu, a river diversion, not regulator


This is Google map of Pothireddypadu. Pothireddypadu Regulator primarily constructed to divert 11500 cusecs of water from Srisailam back waters. But YS Rajashekar Reddy Government unilaterally and undemocratically, added another 44000 cusecs to enhanced the capacity of Regulator to 55000 cusecs, which is equal to flow of a river. At the time of new regulator construction, YSR assured that old regulator will be closed down permanently. But it was not happened.

Even Musi river cannot carry that much water. Yes. Rayalaseema deserves support and surplus water. But adding such a big canal and and no regulator seems to reaches there is real danger to water rights of Telangana. If allowed this old and new regulators can carry 5 TMCs water per day. Since last 15 days no joint authority is inspected the regulator.

Sirsailam Reservoir cannot be left to Rayalaseema. Regulator cannot be left unchecked. Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar districts were equally deprived of water and suffering from frequent droughts.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

3 thoughts on “Pothireddypadu, a river diversion, not regulator”

  1. So pathetic that the river flows through Telangana and water goes to Rayalaseema. We have to fight for our right share to any extreme until an unbiased river board is constituted and regulated the river waters properly.

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