Each sub-station one solar plant


Bharat C. Reddy and PV Gandhi, well known protogonists of Telangana, are advocating since long time that we must focus on Solar Power. Its like captive power station. They feel that any part of Telangana is eligible for erecting a Solar plant.

They are very specific that we must plan to start a solar plant at sub-station level to overcome the crisis earliest. Solar projects gestation period is very short and quick. Investiment sizes also vary from one crore to one thousand crores.

Telangana needs solar revolution to come out of this agrarian crisis. If at all we complete all irrigation projects also, power usage will not going to be reduced.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

3 thoughts on “Each sub-station one solar plant”

  1. really a good idea, but govt and media should play vital role in creating awareness about solar power , companies, funding etc among common people, entrepreneurs .

  2. Roof Top Solar erections to be encouraged freely by subsideing
    them without restrictions. it is low cost and this scheme already introduced by last Govt.but not implemented. Since it is maintained by House Holds over their Roofs maintainance is very easy .

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