Deceptive Andhra Establishment

No authority to Governor, only responsibility
No authority to AP on TS admissions

Seemandhra establishment does not stopped its mischievous games on Telangana. Its time and again playing its mind game on Telangana people. Media is its tool. Always they stoop to any level to enforce their domination on Telangana.

See here what State reorganisation act mentioned about Governors ‘responsibility’ and common admissions. Act does not prescribed any ‘powers’to Governor but special responsibility. Its limited to contingency situations and limited. But morons of Andhra establishment derive and define responsibility as powers.

And also act mentioned ‘common admissions process’ shall be continued for ten years. It does not mean that Andhra Pradesh Higher Education Council to head the process. Telangana State Higher Education Council shall take the responsibility of conducting admissions in accordance with 371D in Telangana and AP Council in Andhra.



In view of the constitutional reality Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh today clarified in the Lokh Sabha that the communication by Home Ministry is ‘an advisory’, nothing else.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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