410 defaulters vs 39 lakh farmers


RBI is creating lot of noise against farm loans waiver, where as it is keeping a blind eye to the reality of corporate companies are playing havoc with public finances. Crop loan waiver is meant to help more than 39 lakh farmers, who are struggling to survive, where as corporate loan waiver or one time settlement or rescheduling is a big fraud on the Public Sector Banks.





Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “410 defaulters vs 39 lakh farmers”

  1. While I agree on the overall Message of the Blog ..
    Loan Waiver to Farmers who have no means left is completely justified..
    No Loan Waiver to Rich Farmers can ever be justified..
    Hence we must Object to Blanket Waiver ..
    It must be to the Small Farmers Only
    Money should also be used to solve the root of Agriculture failure..
    Example : Govt of Telangana Spending 5 Lakh per farmer who do not have any Water source with a Solar Powered Bore Well Pump Solves the Problem forever with No running cost to the Government ..
    I wish Govt of Telanagana tries this out with 10,000 Farmers this year and sees the Result to Farmers and the Economy..

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