Is Telangana State part of Indian Union?


Is Telangana State part of India Union or else where? Why Centre is imposing Governor rule on Hyderabad in the name of common capital?

Does Telangana State formed on the lines of Constitution on par with other states or is there any Kashmir type mindset in BjP Govt.

Why NDA think of so many things of a Capital as never before? What compelling BJP to do all such non sensical actions against Telangana?

So far more than 15 new States formed after independence, is there single example of such infringement on an other states Capital?

Is there any security threat to common citizens of Hyderabad? Demolitions against Gurukul Trust lands is not new thing. Due to High Court orders earlier Kirankumar Reddy Government started demolitions under the aegis of former Commissioner Krishnababu.

What Telangana Government now doing is renewal and continuation of implementaion of earlier orders. Lanco issue also boiling for some time. Does Chandrababu and their agents in Hyderabad wants to legalise all illegal occupations in Hyderabad?

Its real that peopl should not be troubled for somebodys mistakes. But dont these people know that these lands are not legal? TDP or BjP must show a remedy to solve this problem, instead of doing harakiri.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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