Polavaram: A greedy and grabber mindset


Educated fanatics are more dangerous than uneducated commoners. Fanatics see no reason. Polavaram can be constructed with less height. Telangana Government is not opposing Polavaram project as a whole.

Ordinance is dangerous for both regions as lacs of Adivasis were to extinct and also Godavari dist will have on their head a vulnerable project.

Scientists like Prof Shivaji Rao of Andhra University warned that Polavaram with more height and heavy storage will be death knell for Godavari districts. He suggested small one.

Many other engineers from both regions suggested number of small barrages in the upper stream and little bigger one at Polavaram. But greedy Seemandhra political establishment is seeing the project affair as now or never.

Polavaram project plan designed earlier to submerge only 105 villages and GO issued accordingly. Now the design changed to swallow more than 200 villages of 7 mandals in Khammam district.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

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