It’s advantageTRS in Telangana


Fight between TRS vs Congress
Congress suffering from anti-incumbency
‘Forced marriage’ failed to work for TDP- BJP
‘Let us give a chance to TRS’is prevailing

First Telangana elections are bound to change the political map of the region. Battle lines are cleared. It’s going to be a fight between TRS and Congress in Telangana. TDP-BJP alliance failed to give much fillip to them as they started defeating each other in seat sharing itself. Alliance ended as a forced marriage for both parties.

TRS started its election battle with faces of movement and a safe and better team. It faced less discontent and discomfort in issuing tickets when compared to other parties. TRS emerged as a full fledged political party as it could select the candidates with some guts, name and fame for all the 119 Assembly constituencies and 17 LokSabha constituencies.

At grass root level political atmosphere is in favor of TRS. There is a feeling ‘let’s give a chance’ to the party which fought for Telangana and realised it. But how far its candidates succeeds in translating the feeling into votes is important. KCRs vigorous campaign may help them in a big way. But reaching too many constituencies may not possible to him.

For the first time, TRS could field strong and formidable candidates in twin cities and Rangareddy district, though many of them shifted from TDP. TRS is pinning its hopes on Secunderabad and Malkajgiri constituencies too. Among 17 MP seats TRS fielded three BCs, threes SCs, two STs, two minorities and others from OCs.

There are many good big names in the TRS list this time. More than ten various JACs leaders are in contest. Along with Telangana Movement top guns KCR, HarishRao, Etela Rajender, KTR, Kadiam Srihari, Kavitha, famous academicians and educationists like Prof Seetharam Naik, Dr. Palla Rajeswar Reddy(Anurag Group), Mayreddy Shekar Reddy(Scient Group and father in law of Hero Allu Arjun), Konda Vishweswar Reddy(grand son of Konda Venkata Ranga Reddy and son in law of Apollo Pratap C Reddy), Dr B. Narsaiah Goud (famous surgeon and Director, Star Hospitals) are in the fray. ‘New state, new politics’ slogan given by KCR reflected in his candidate selection.

”Telangana is striving for a ‘change in political map’. If the urge for change can be moulded in to a wave, TRS may sweep the state”, says an election analyst.

Congress failed to take the advantage of Telangana credit by delaying the candidates selection and some flip flops on last minute changes. But being a party in power for ten years and with strong candidate base it is showing a bold face and preparing to fight to win.

But it’s main problem is anti incumbency on many sitting MLAs. Some of the ministers are facing the wrath of the people for their anti-Telangana postures during the peaks of movement. Some of them identified themselves with Kirankumar Reddy, as his ‘kitchen men’ and invited criticism from Telanganites.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “It’s advantageTRS in Telangana”

  1. in the article, this is the general scenario but the local situation in specific constituency is different. TRS candidates will have to slog a lot as the USP of congress and BJP are all same ie TELANGANA .every party including TDP also claims votes on telangana factor.let us wait n watch.

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