Who betrayed whom?

Who failed the trust of Telangana people?

When KCR was waiting for a call from Congress bosses at Delhi for two years, but he was disappointed and humiliated by Congress time and again.

He was prepared to sacrifice any thing for Telangana, but Congress played hide and seek game since a decade.

Congress announced the Telangana formation on December 9, 2009, but cheated under the pressure from Seemandhra establishment and caused unprecedented trauma in Telangana society.

When Telangana people are in struggles, when employees, teachers and lawyers are in strike, when youngsters submitting themselves to the flames and students were battling with tear gas shells, most of the Congress Ministers and MLAs are swimming in the power pools and enjoying the dais with Kirankumar Reddy and his freebies.

Mr R Damoder Reddy invited Kirankumar Reddy to Suryapet and declared that he will continue as Chief Minister forever. Uttamkumar Reddy enjoyed power as Kirankumar Reddy’s kitchen man. Sridharbabu gone to the extent of harassing Telangana activists. Ponnala kneed before Rajashekar Reddy all through his ministership.

Every Minister has a story. Every MLA got a fortuner.

Does Telangana need people like this?


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

2 thoughts on “Who betrayed whom?”

  1. All of them will again fight for seats & fight for the fair share, not for state.. Their own kitty.. Never changing slaves to high command…

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