Telangana favors TRS: NDTV-HANSA

Congress fails win over Telangana people


NDTV-HANSA survey predicted a major victory for TRS in Telangana. According to survey Parties, votes and seats predicted like this:
TRS 33% – 11 seats
Congress. 27% – 5 seats
TDP. 17%
BJP. 15%
Others. 8% – 1


YSR 43% – 15
TDP. 37% – 9
Congress. 14% – 1
Others. 6% – 0


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “Telangana favors TRS: NDTV-HANSA”

  1. Dear shekar, This is a positive and welcome thing for TRS, KCR and Telangana. Shekar I need a favour from you. My piece which appeared in Andhra Jyothy on 13th was translated by someone in the AJ establishment. It is an excellent piece of  translation. I have an assignment on hand for translation, Can you track the one who did it? I need his help. Let’s remain in touch,  

    Dr. K. Indrasena Reddy Prof. of English Mo# +91-9849730925

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