Life is so short, yet so big

It’s shocking….


Day ended with a tragic news. A party closed with tears…. Very old…. But new to me…. I lost my friend…. A loveable person…. A heroic man…

We heard stories about his adventures. He used to bounce back the bombs thrown by enemies at him. He was elected as students union Chairman. He was one of the dynamic leaders of Students Federation in those days.

He was fixed in a murder case. He struggled to come out of that case. He fought life with courage. He preserved relations with all care. I used to call him Mama. We supported him in times of hardships.

Last time I met him was in Hyderabad. Then, he was in Telugu Desham Party. We spoke so many things about politics and changing times. That’s the end.

Today I met a friend from Kadapa in a party. After sometime he revealed the devastating news. He met with an accident near Nandyala and died, that too two years back. I was shocked to hear that. I was shattered. I called Krishna for confirmation. But he does not know too. Called Rajashekharanna. He confirmed the tragedy. He said he too failed to attend the funeral.

Its disheartening. Its moving. Failed to hide my tears… Life is so short..yet so big…


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

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