They are crying, means TRS in right path


If Seemandhra media finding fault with TRS for not merging with Congress, means its burning its stomach.

If Congress leaders expressing anguish at TRS, it means TRS is in right path.


KCR skipped his words, but how many years Telangana suffered from Congress indecisiveness? How many deadlines skipped by Congress? Why more than a thousand youth compelled to die inadvertently?

Who is responsible for the trauma Telangana people experienced? When TRS is fighting for Telangana all these years, except few Congress MPs and leaders, all other Telangana ministers and MLAs taken shelter under the power and enjoyed everything.

Congress can cheat Telangana for a decade. Chandra Babu can cheat Telangana people by changing his words. Jagan can shift his stand frequently. But they can run their parties. They can go to the people without any shy and shame.

Leave those things aside.

What is that Congress done to convince TRS for merger? What courtesy they followed to show some respect to the party which was running the movement for fourteen years?

Telangana movement is meant for self respect and self rule. But when Delhi people don’t want to respect, don’t want to even recognize self respect, what is the need to surrender?


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “They are crying, means TRS in right path”

  1. Right decision taken in right time.. Excellent.. Should be careful when taking/ joining ppl from other parties.. Need to encourage fresh blood

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