Why Congress, TRS merger is not possible?

Congress feels that it is the reason for Telangana state formation, so the entire credit must come to their party. If it is merger or alliance, Congress expects TRS must settle for subordinate role. There are more than a dozen leaders in the Congress, who are aspiring CMs and are expecting TRS to surrender and help them to reach the top post. Some of them are opposing merger. They feel that they will get maximum seats without alliance also.

What’s Congress thinking?

According to reliable sources, Congress top leadership proposed that KCR must merge his party and settle as one of the many leaders, like Chiranjeevi. Congress will accommodate all the existing TRS MLA’s and at the most another twenty or twenty five members will be given tickets.

Remaining all seats will be contested by Congress candidates, so that party holds control in post election scenario.

Why is TRS backtracking?

TRS has been running the Telangana movement past thirteen years. Almost all the leaders sacrificed their prime time to keep the movement live. They have created a compelling situation to all the political parties to take a final call on Telangana.

To sustain the movement and mobilise the people they have given many assurances to Telangana people all these days. They have projected a qualitative change in Telangana politics and society. They have built up a big agenda for future Telangana.

Though moral obligation with Sonia Gandhi is tickling on the mind of TRS bosses, obligation to Telangana society is dragging them back. And also merger or alliance will not help TRS to emerge as a major political force. These two alternatives will settle TRS as only a junior party, not as a political alternative.

TRS feels that they will win sixty to seventy seats on their own. If they contest election along with CPI, New Democracy and JAC forces, it is going to be more easy to them.

Telangana needs new politics

Congress, TRS merger or alliance will end the possible emergence of new politics and political polarisation. TRS needs to keep its political space to give Telangana new direction.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “Why Congress, TRS merger is not possible?”

  1. Dear shekar, I fully agree with you on TRS-Congress merger-alliance. At the most, there can be an honourable agreement between the two parties based on 60 and 40 seat share for the assembly and vice versa for  LS for TRS and Congress respectively.        Dr. K. Indrasena Reddy Prof. of English Mo# +91-9849730925

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