Appointed Day/Telangana Formation Day may be on June 1st?


Andhra Pradesh Assembly has to be formed on or before June 2nd 2014 according to the election schedule. In view of the state division now the two states assemblies are to be formed before the scheduled date.

According to the sources at Delhi Central Government has no option except conduction the election as per the schedule. If the Centre chose to skip the election now, Election Commission must opt for delimitation of two states Assemblies, which process will take nine months.

But the delay in election will not help either Congress or TRS, but the BJP and it’s prospective ally, as the General elections scheduled in April-May will create new space to them.

Hence the Centre may choose June 1st as appointed day. State Elections will also take place along with General Elections.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “Appointed Day/Telangana Formation Day may be on June 1st?”

  1. sir,i heard pen is mightier than sword,but now i am experiencing it practically.the way you are using it,you are not allowing us to take rest even for a while,you have always kept us vigilant,by updating the ongoings, your articles made us enlightened,they awakened me,they worked like o potion when we were depressed,at times lullaby,your contribution is more than anyone else,

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