TRS, Congress merger not possible


When Congress High command is trying to mellow down KCR, how can he accept merger?

When Congress is meddling with TRS, how can KCR be kind heart to merge?

When Digvijay is playing wrong cards at wrong time, how can KCR takes it easy?

When Digvijay is encouraging TRS leaders to cross the party, where is the need of merger?

Telangana movement is about self respect and self rule, why should one surrender them to Delhi?

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

3 thoughts on “TRS, Congress merger not possible”

  1. Fantastic sir. Congress took 9 long years to fulfil it’s promise. KCR too can take the same time to fulfil his promise that too after building a broad consensus among telangana people. No need to rush.
    Dr. M. V. Rajendra
    M. D. (Pediatrics)

  2. Shekar, The queries raised by you are very relevant, and TRS merger with Congress at this stage shoule be ruled out emphatically.   Dr. K. Indrasena Reddy Prof. of English Mo# +91-9849730925

  3. anything can happen at anytime in politics,politics is ruthless,especially congress,it played several merciless and murky games with us so far,if it had reacted on time we could have saved several lives,it can go to any extent,to fullfill its objectives,it plays the game in such a way,the people who are protesting against the merger,may have nod in favour of merger

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