Beware of re-unification threat

Need for own political identity for telangana

Beware of re-unification



In the absence of our own political party.,gradually national & regional political parties controlled by non-Telangana parties gain power & “Telangana state” may become a “VASSAL STATE” (SAAMANTHA rashtram) to Residual A.P.

And you cannot rule out a theoretical possibility of such political parties “forcing Union Government” to unify TELANGANA & A.P into a UNITED STATE (by virtue of NUMERICAL STRENGTH of M.P.s of these parties) under article 3.

Telangana must have its own political party and it must be independent of Seemandhra establishment. If TRS merged with Congress, Seemandhra political parties will be revived in Telangana and again gradually Telangana will slip into their hands, which is dangerous to region.

Beware of threat of Seemandhra Political establishment.


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

4 thoughts on “Beware of re-unification threat”

  1. The purpose of achieving Telangana was to reconstruct it’s exploited identity and live with self esteem under our self rule.Merging TRS [party born for a purpose n achieved] into Congress [An ocean,with whales frm SA] would cost TG heavily in times to come and all the 60yrs of hardship for self identity would go in vain.Merging would be a blunder both politically and socio-economically.

  2. Dear shekar, I agree with you 100% about the lurking danger to Telangana if KCR chooses to merge TRS, the only political party in Telangana, with Congress. I think some of us- Ghanta, Srinivas of Andhra Jyothy, Gowri shankar and Asok, Tankashala, and many other like minded people need to sit together and plan a strategy to prevail on KCR to guard himself against the danger from Seemandhra vested interests you have already sensed and hinted about. On my part, I made it clear to both KTR and Harish Rao about the same. I am available to you always for this purpose. K.Indrasena Reddy Prof. of English Mo# +91-9849730925

  3. Wat Dr.M.V.RAJENDRA assessed is 100 per cent correct! Such a feeling is there in evry average Telenganite! This is a dangerous turn on road to the development and any step taken in the development and rebuilding of New Telangana State should be tread cautiously so as to ensure our goals achieved and dreams realised. Going by statements made by these politicians they plan to come to the Telangana land thru back door.Let us not all forget what M venugopal Reddy, TDP MP, said ” We will also form a front and form a government at the Centre. The TDP will take Home Ministe and Speaker post and reunite the State”.

  4. Frankly I have no fear under BJP rule in the center as it has stated policy, internal mechanisms and super controls to thwart any such attempt in future..

    However, the fear is 100% valid when Congress is in Power as it is capable of doing anything when its high command makes the decision !
    Congress policy along with Why and how congress high command decides has been the mystery since Nehru days

    This time we only thank KCR Garu that he read the mind correctly and played the game right ..
    Unlike Burgula Garu and Chenna Reddy

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