Is there coverts around Sonia, supporting Andhra cause?

Is Congress playing with fire?


Why it’s pushing Telangana Bill to last days of last Session?
Why it’s knowingly allowing thousands of people to travel to Delhi against Telangana?
Is there any orchestrated violence planned to stall Telangana Bill?

Is top leaders and central Ministers around Sonia Gandhi
covertly supporting Seemandhra cause?

What if some untoward incidents take place in Delhi in the last leg of Parliament sessions?
Does Congress sincerely planning to pass the Bill in the Parliament or to deceive Telangana people?

Does Congress planning to throw the blame on BJP and escape from the responsibility?


Author: kattashekar

Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily, Hyderabad

One thought on “Is there coverts around Sonia, supporting Andhra cause?”

  1. I appeal everyone to stay calm and not to panic. BJP and Congress, both are playing dirty game. While BJP proved it’s true colours with the statements of Shushma and Advani. Congress is yet to prove it self, it is still busy in blame game. On one side I am confident that at this juncture, both parties are at a point of no return. Do not forget that KCR is still in Delhi. Worst case, BJP will not support and Congress will place the bill and not pass it. Thereby both the parties claim that they supported Telangana in Tg region and they say that the state did not form in SA region. We now very well know what to do. I repeat for the Nth time. No Modi jap and No Rahul baba tap. స్వీయ రాజకీయ అస్తిత్వమే తెలంగాణ కి శ్రీ రామరక్ష. said Prof Jayashankar. Let us hope for the best, see you all Monday.

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