Ethical Telangana, Unethical Assembly

Rejection won’t matter
Unethical and arrogant mind of a Chief Minister

1. The resolution, proposed by Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy, did not get Cabinet approval. Chief Minister as an individual moved the resolution, which did not legal sanctity. He did not followed proper procedure to bring a resolution, but Speaker under pressure, put it to vote.
2. Assembly resolution won’t make any difference. President, only seek assembly opinion. According to Article 3 of Constitution of India final authority on the division of state is rest with Parliament. On this issue earlier judgments are in place. Central Government kept aside the Bill considered by Maharashtra assembly and introduced a fresh Bill in Parliament and got approval.

3. Government of India and all political parties at Centre know that Telangana issue got political consensus and passed through all the due legal processes. Only political bankruptcy of Andhra leaders and their parties, made situation complicated.

4. So far 18 states were formed. Same process was followed by the Centre in regard of Andhra Pradesh division. The question is not the procedural failure of the Centre, its nascent and ugly face of Seemandhra hegemony creating problems.

5. Election manifestos of all parties(Congress, TDP, PRP, YCP, CPI, BJP), all party legislature party leaders unanimous resolution, more than 35 political parties letters in support of Telangana formation, APCC resolution handing over the decision on Telangana to High Command….these are the evidences for political consensus.

6. Ethical questions must be asked about the behavior of hegemony, not about assembly resolution. If a brutal majority in the Assembly can stall the democratic process began by federal Government? Is our federal system is going to allow a minority region to suffer at the hands of majority rule?

7. Ethical questions must be asked on the contradictions of Kirankumar Reddy and his establishment. President gave four weeks time. He wasted it and asked for further extension. He did not know then that Bill is not eligible for consideration. He spoke all the non sense (burning more than three hours) about the Bill during those 40 days and then asked further time. President gave further week days. He spoke again and again. Few days ago he wrote another letter seeking further extension. Finally this notice and resolution. Now, one can understand the state of mind of a Chief Minister and his ethical status.

Author: kattashekar

Former Editor, Namasthe Telangana Daily

2 thoughts on “Ethical Telangana, Unethical Assembly”

  1. Before merger of Hyderabad state the Seemandra leaders followed unethical practices by managing the Delhi leaders,some of T leaders with sweet words,,Communist party leaders & finally merged and formed AP……Mr K K Reddy,CBN,Mr Speaker,JP,Jagan all are genes of the so called unethical leaders of Seemandra….What type of ethical behavior we will expect from them ? …….Other than this…..Paishachika anandam they are enjoying by voting in Assembly and what is the sanctity with that voting ?…..who has counted and who has observed the ”YES”or ”NO “”……really surprise how a constitutional institution will accept this type of voting ?….

  2. Sir…. your response is fine and relevent, but Cm Kkr are also struggling to improve his graph for his upcoming political party.

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